Polestar 2 UK miss the target again

Discussion in 'Polestar 2' started by T.C., Apr 28, 2021.

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  1. T.C.

    T.C. Member

    Polestar just keeping missing targets in the UK.
    The announcement, pre-production, of a 35,000 euro priced model, about £32,000 was never included in the UK sales launch. Instead low uptake was restricted to £46,000+ variants.
    Roll the clock forward to 2021. The UK government change subsidy financing levels from £40,000 down to a ceiling of £35.000, just a month prior to Polestar announcing a sub £40,000 variant of their Polestar 2. £39,900 isn't going to qualify for the new UK subsidy ceiling and will doubtless hamper UK sales uptake severely.
    I accept in world market terms, the UK is a minnow. The company still want to sell their cars here though.
    Their strategic marketing is falling far from the target.
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  3. T.C.

    T.C. Member

    Lo and behold, the day following my criticism of Polestar UK marketing, I see my first one on the road.
    Within a week or two of the release of the Tesla model 3, there were dozens to be seen driving around. Now they are a daily occurrence.
    The Polestar was my first viewing of one as we passed slowly on the motorway.
    It did look classy in the thunder grey paintwork. It also looked huge in comparison to a model 3.
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