Polestar 2 compared with Tesla Model 3

Discussion in 'Polestar' started by Domenick, Feb 26, 2019.

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    Ahead of tomorrow morning's big reveal, I wrote up a piece comparing the Polestar 2 to the Tesla Model 3. I was pretty surprised at how many similarities there were. Perhaps I shouldn't have been, considering that the company says they designed it to compete with the American car.

    They are both midsize four-door sedans with glass roofs. Model 3 has a trunk, Polestar 2 features a hatch with auto close.
    Both have a front trunk (frunk), but the one in the Polestar is comparatively tiny at 34 liters (1.2 cubic feet) to the 3's 424.8 liters (15 cubic feet).

    Here are some of the main takeaways:

    Polestar 2 = $40,000 to $63,000
    Model 3 = $42,900 to $60,900

    Polestar = 275 miles
    Model 3 = 264 - 310 miles

    Polestar 2 = 408 horsepower, 487 lb-ft torque. 0-to-100 kph (62 mph) 4.7 seconds targeted
    Model 3 performance: 450 horsepower, 471 lb-ft torque. 0-to-60 mph 3.3 to 5.6 seconds (depending on trim)

    Polestar 2
    Length 181.4 inches
    Height 58.2 inches
    Width 70.9 inches
    Wheelbase 107.7 inches

    Tesla Model 3
    Length 184.8 inches
    Height 56.8 inches
    Width 76.1 inches
    Wheelbase 113.2 inches

    DC fast charging:
    Polestar 2 = 150 kW
    Tesla Model 3 = 120 kW
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  2. christar

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    For some reason I m excited with this vehicle...

    Does anyone have information about when that go on production and when could be available in the EU?
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  3. Domenick

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    July of 2020 for the top spec launch edition in Sweden, Norway, UK, Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium. Other Euro countries will follow but no timeframe given. I would imagine not too long after.
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  4. Guildenstern

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    On a pure specification level, it's hard to justify over Model 3 Performance.

    Cars aren't all about numbers, though, and the Polestar 2 should attract a number of buyers. It's pretty attractive. I really like the lift back.
  5. T.C.

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    Polestar 2 is taking pre-orders now in the UK for 2020 delivery.
    Whilst the initial price structure makes it look competitive with the Tesla 3, the marketing structure proves otherwise.
    In the Uk we have (yet another) tax on luxury vehicles. Defined as those with a OTR price of £40k plus.
    Tesla structured their model three to enter the market in rear wheel drive form, at just below this platform.
    Polestar however are only allowing configuration of top level Polestar 2's at the top spec' £52k plus level.
    I fear the Polestar brand will miss a huge number of UK sales adopting this strategy.

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