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Discussion in 'Model 3' started by electriceddy, Aug 14, 2019.

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    So the standard RFID card that comes with your Model 3 requires a tap (very near) on the B pillar to unlock/lock then another inside if you do not start the car in about 30 sec.
    If instead you have the app on your phone, you walk up and pull the door handle and it unlocks. Then you get in and start it when you want and drive. It locks when you close all the doors and walk away.

    The Phone solution seems to make a lot more sense to me and is more automatic. I think she just wanted to do something different.

    Over the air updates for the car have nothing to do with the RFID chip in the card.
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    Where or how did she get the RFID chip?

    How do they treat the surface so the body won't attack the chip?

    Bob Wilson
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    If you soak the card in acetone, it dissolves the card and leaves the chip and antenna. I don't know if she did this or cloned the RFID chip and made her own.
    But its still easier to just carry your phone. It's called a pocket.
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    Thanks, I'd probably practice with Krazy Glue.

    Bob Wilson
  5. For one who barely tolerates a flu shot, I think I will pass on this one (2017ish or not)

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