Petrol massively damaged US Economic Security- Petrol Dollar is Over.

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Apr 21, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Right now the US is erecting tariff walls because petro has put it a huge competitive disadvantage on the cost of goods. That will only get worse. Other nations going green will have through battery backed solar alone what amounts to almost free energy. The economics on battery backed solar are better than what could be reasonably expected from mature hot fusion. Figure at least 20x savings on the cost of energy on a per household basis and even better in other sectors. At the same time those nations will eliminate their petrol intake especially from US exports. The hit to the US economy may be roughly as follows: 160 billion in loss of exports from petrol fuel energy, 400 billion in petrol welfare that will still have to be covered (petrol has always been a pure welfare case) another 220 billion in revenues that other countries will not be paying that add to the cost disadvantage in the US but to the cost advantage elsewhere.

    The US is a 20 trillion a year economy but expect the rest of the world to be a lot less sympathetic to stupid wars for petrol bailouts- I can even imagine countries with petrol assets saying to the US- come and take it for free we don't give a damn about it anymore because its worthless- that will be part of the implosion of the petrol regime in the US it will be incredibly clear not just that the assets of the books of firms that deal in petrol are worthless due to economic and political stranding of those assets (with the obvious implication of foreseeable fraud) but that will come to be reflected in the stock values with the ripple effect to the NYSE and NASDAQ and to US T Bills and reserve status- the petrol dollar is over. All of this completely foreseeable for decades.

    A lot of the US economy is fraud or just non-productive baggage i.e., the useless speculation in health insurance. But this will be a trillion dollar a year hit to the US economy that will squeeze vital public sector services unless Green is allowed to go forward in a way that keeps the US competitive. But worse is all that insurance of bad petrol debt and the hit to pensions with pensions held hostage by petrol BS take because of criminal bets on petrol. All that sequestration nonsense and secrecy and huge increase in the DOD budget is likely just a prop up of petrol welfare. At this point petrol welfare is financial treason- it always was back to 1950 but especially after 1970.

    Put another way, petrol is a corrupting 14% (rough guess) hit per year on the global economy. The rest of the world will be opting out of that drag. That will be like running on a 114%/100 basis. It will be like adding 14% profits to everything they do before they even start against the US trading. Petrol fuel/energy has been the road to economic ruin since 1950 but now it will destroy the US economy possibly permanently at least for relative to people alive today, even as it has already flamed out social mobility and radically undermined the US standard of living and quality of life since 1970. This is not even considering the destruction of US good will over US petrol imperialism since 1950.

    The alternative is to make the petrol barons pay the bill that is due now even if it means the full disgorgement of every bit of their ill-gotten gain leaving them nothing but lifetimes of debt. We must not socialize the cost here- not more criminal austerity, what is called for is justice.
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  3. Feed The Trees

    Feed The Trees Active Member


    Here, hehe
  4. Martin Williams

    Martin Williams Active Member

    You could make petrol cars illegal.

    That would be REALLY popular!
  5. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    A very good idea!!!!!!!!!
  6. Martin Williams

    Martin Williams Active Member

    Sadly, this view is not shared by the general population who will greet the news with rioting I expect.
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  8. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Bans are already being signed into law around the world. Proper time to start the bans was in the early 1950s. But its not too late but now. Still as bans are accompanied by more awareness of the costs to everyday people of not doing so way back in the 50s there is a debt and retribution element entailed. Petrol was at the core of creating artificial scarcity and stealing people's standard of living and quality of life since about 1970. Torries and their ilk owe the difference back to 1970 with interest immediately, bans are part of the bill coming due.

    Riots won't be against governments that implement bans but against an oppressor class that kept this BS going. Thinking back a few year to when the Torries couldn't understand why youth rioted in Britain and when they asked why the youth with no records would criminalize themselves they were told by the same youth that they had no futures so what was the difference? The Torries responded by increasing the penalties- I think the Torries are headed for a French Revolution and gated communities and drones and tech toys likely won't save them from their own incredible stupidity and depravity- nor will their lies and manipulations- those will just be used at their trials if they are lucky enough to get trials, they don't seem to get that court of public opinion trials have been concluding and the ones they have been misleading (conservatives) will be the most aggrieved and motivated. Corbyn and his group are their best chance to survive but they don't get that.
  9. Martin Williams

    Martin Williams Active Member

    I suspect if people are denied transport as you suggest then mass widespread rioting would result. The government would fall and a new government would lift the ban. I wouldn't worry about the tories here, by the way. They will not survive the next election which could come at any time. In practice there are precious few of them anyway - the party is now so small they no longer publish membership figures but it seems to be about a fifth or a tenth of the Labour party and falling. They are a now a business pressure group sustained by a massively expensive propaganda effort and it won't last.
  10. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    No, simply ban new ICE sales. But certainly don't do the stupidity that Porsche is trying to do with turning charging into another petrol bailout by claiming EV recharges prices should be pegged to petrol price to protect petrol, claiming profit is the justification. They are fooling any one and that is way way beyond stupid. Tesla is supposedly entering a contract with Ionicity- seriously hope that kind of ultra stupidity won't prevail.

    Good to know about the Torries.
  11. Martin Williams

    Martin Williams Active Member

    You'd need to increase the size of your electricity infrastructure by about 50 to 100% first or you'd have blackouts. You'd also need a vast program to instal charging points everywhere, or you'd have major charging problems. I imagine the effect of this would be a thumping increase in the cost of electricity which would not be popular. As soon as this ban were to apply, the other effect would be a huge increase in the cost of EVs because manufacturers will be unable to supply the demand and will take advantage by raising the cost of what they DO supply.

    It's easy to propose 'simple' solutions - until you start looking at the real-world implications.

    As to the tories they are still in power, but I hope the brexit conflicts inside their party will finally destroy them. The party is now so small that I believe there is insufficient talent to form a competent government, which they are confirming on a daily basis.
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