Petrol is the road to serfdom caused 07 collapse

Discussion in 'Energy' started by 101101, Nov 18, 2017.

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  1. 101101

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    Banking collapsed not because of loans to the poor but because of insuring petrol loans (petrol derivatives) and petrol collapsed on schedule collapsing banking.

    By law you can't look into a petrol derivative, its blind risk because the underlying financials of petrol suck beyond belief, the only way to get people to do something that stupid is to make it opaque. Similar to why stuff like the Cheney energy task force was/is classified(secret) because it could never ever stand any sunshine.

    Because of low economic efficiency petrol has always required massive subsidies but it got worse with scale not better and many decades ago it begain requiring regular bailouts typically disguised as wars. But now its built out and at scale with mature technology and its more hopeless than ever because of its terminal low economic efficiency.

    That low economic efficiency is a big part of why 50 years after landing on the moon we work 2x as much as we did prior to language and tools.

    Just think about this. There were 5 huge petrol bailouts prior to the 07 collapse including Iraq 1, 911 (2 trillion disappeared,) Enron, Iraq 2 and Afaganistan. And because petrol is such pure rubbish it still collapsed shortly thereafter in 07. The financial system unleashing a 6th bailout with massive austerity and in the US alone 20 trillion in public debt. Libya was a 7th attempt and Iran will be an 8th if allowed to happen.

    Lets be clear about the price of handing control back to the same extreme idiots who brought us the 07 collapse. What's on petrol serfdom austerity chopping block this time? Well if we avoid a nuclear WWIII in Iran the next petrol collapse entails bail ins where banks issue their worthless stock instead of your account funds because your funds will have been given to petrol power to bail it out.

    Also bye to social security, public schools, unions and medicare and very likely a huge loss of rights especiallt speech and privacy under false flag terror induced martial law.

    So keep in mind that we don't have a petrol economy because petrol aside from being obsolete is not a viable basis for an economy, never really was. It can't be made viable any more than coal can be made clean.

    Obama came from a coal state or at least where coal power had vested. Coal spent money to put him in power. When he learned that petrol had brought the US economy to the brink of destruction and raised the real specter of civil unrest and civil war he started to look at green tech and he apparently helped transfer some US cloistered tech to Tesla as part of the effort to change course. Petrol shill Romney was super bitter over thus whining about it incessantly because petrol royalists know how fragile and weak the petrol system is, it doesn't have a viable business model its basically helpless in the face of the weakest counter example- which despite reaching a threshold and being a complete solution, battery backed solar is about as gentle as it gets. It can't even handle this because a pin to a balloon is still a pin.

    What the Model 3 means is being able to plug in regular looking Camrys and Accords at night and almost never having to go to the gas station on a mere 43 miles of ev range taking 2.5 hrs to charge on 200v. It means a lot of these get charged off power paks and integrated solar roof tiles. And thats game over for petrol power. Next prius prime phev even has integrated solar roof option for EU and Japan beyond AC support and in Japan the car battery will act as portable power all in a vehicle that despite a double power train is priced right to core of the market.

    Petrol fuel/energy must be destroyed/divested- decom and dismantle similar to fission plants but with no safety net, those stupid enough to continue to invest in petro fall on their swords and really the cut off date was 2007. If the point of petrol power were anything other than slavery we would have switched in the 50s or at the latests the 70s. So unless we want to live under some idiot illuminist bs we have to veto it. Look at at how open some of the shills are with their shilery "Green Light Capital" wink, wink nod nod, why not call it something equally stupid like "green druid."
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