Petrol fuel energy has never been profitable and never will be!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jun 30, 2018.

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    The burden of proof is on anyone who wants to disprove this claim. But no one is going to be able to do it because it is the flat truth. We've had petrol for about 204 years now. For the first 100 years about 1 lbs out of every 100lbs of purchased fuel went to doing actual work and the rest went to heat up the atmosphere. 204 years later or today in say a Honda Accord about 66lbs out of every 100lbs of purchased fuel in the tank is going to heat up the atmosphere. Are you starting to see the magnitude of the scam? The rest of the supply chain isn't any better, its actually radically worse!!! Never has there been a more fraudulent, backwards or more murderous industry, even cotton in the American South during slavery would have to be a second at best. About 138 years into this scam (1950) we got the peak oil thesis because policy people couldn't believe the inefficiency and its ever increasing drain on the public treasury for endlessly increasing subsides. Was it ever going to profitable- answer no!!!!

    Supply ironically was never the issue and won't ever be the issue. And ironically this incredibly backwards source of energy did get us through the industrial age, but don't let that distract you about the very real sense in which on your commute every day you are literally pushing your car to work every day. If this is some-how in anyway revisionist (it isn't) its the revision that will still, it the history of the future and the near future. But what about Mid East countries- these were just peoples willing to bend over to provide the supply of this scam in a way that was harder to regulate. And willing to be a source of regular petrol bailout wars. Imagine that, something so bad that that it was always operating on direct state subsidies in excess of revenues possibly averaging 150% but still needing massive private loans on which is would default regularly (hence derivatives) but still claiming and paying idiotic and ridiculous profits and dividends out of what amounted to pure transfer payment and bad debts. Petrol fuel energy's retails outlets like Ford are just as structurally bankrupt as it is and always have been.

    Compare that to green where the electrons come to you, and the electrons are free, and the electrons are equally distributed (fights enslaving enclosure scams) and the electrons aren't adding to heat pollution and the electrons are as reliable as the sun (not subject to the constant disruption of phony petrol bailout wars) and the costs are flat straight line predictable and where the supply chain is localized to solid state (no moving parts super simple) materials made out of sand that are super compact (hardly any air in a battery or solar panel) made out of materials as abundant as sand (now nothing less abundant than lead) and easily recyclable that take many decades to wear out and don't burn up infrastructure like roads. There has never been a greater difference in tech- this is better than perfected hot fusion and way beyond the difference between cell phones and land lines. These actually harden against disaster and mean that infrastructure investments can be postponed and they provide a radical strategically insurmountable difference in the cost of goods across an entire economy.

    This war is about values. The green opposition's primary value is elitism- this is what fundamentalism and conservatism boil down to. Their primary value comes down to NEVER taking orders from perceived inferiors. It is not that anybody should ever be giving anybody orders but they want to rule out that possibility personally above all else. So they insist on giving immolating orders to perceived inferiors in for instance tread-milling to daily endless exhaustion the whole population in phony economy unnecessary enclosure driven fake work. They project fear and cultivate distrust and deception in order to divide and oppress. They are about convincing people to see themselves as property and behave as their property. It is a war on children. Lack of humility leads to slavery.
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