Performing one's own brake maintenance?

Discussion in 'Bolt EV' started by dborn, Nov 22, 2019.

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  1. dborn

    dborn New Member

    We all know EVs require practically no real regular maintenance but perhaps there is one area where it pays to perform some maintenance and ideally, doing it ourselves, is the braking system:
    disassembling the brake pads, cleaning and lubricating the slider pins, and this at least once a year when you live in a climate like Quebec, Canada where the weather is often cold and damp.

    I've paid dearly in the past for my carelessness when I had a hybrid car and believed that the brake pads would outlive the car... Perhaps in climates that are warmer and drier but not here! I had to get everything replaced including disks, calipers, pads, etc. because everything had seized.

    Does anyone know if doing this kind of preventative maintenance on a Bolt is just like on any ICE vehicle?
    On my previous Camry Hybrid, it was not as simple as that and it was better left for the garage to do, requiring access to a computer to turn off certain key elements of the ABS system.

    If possible, I would rather perform this maintenance work myself so I know it will be done properly and will cost MUCH less. Anyone does this also or have access to a Bolt shop manual to confirm?

    owner of a new 2019 Bolt LT
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  3. dborn

    dborn New Member

    No one? so I guess I'll need to be the first one then :)
  4. hobbit

    hobbit Well-Known Member

    I've done my own brake cleanouts / relubes on the Prius for years, and
    expect to do it on the Kona too. Caliper slide-pins are notorious for
    freezing up [in the "stuck" fashion, not the cold one] and even just
    loosening the lock-bolt and spinning them once in a while helps.

  5. Paul K

    Paul K Active Member

    I've dealt with the same mechanic for my ICE cars for over 30 years. I take the Leaf to him for seasonal tire (with rims) changes and have him clean and lube the brakes at the same time. Costs me about $60. The local dealer (who has since lost the Nissan franchise) wanted $240 for essentially the same work. I agree with dborn about climate and road salt seizing up the brakes.

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