Per Porsch, Taycan 4S has a 201 mile range

Discussion in 'Porsche Taycan' started by 101101, Nov 28, 2020.

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  1. 101101

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    Why would Porsch officially understate its range? Because the EPA made it? It doesn't work that way. Manufacturers are certainly free to appeal at some cost and delay but if they have the goods they are going to win much sooner rather than later even if they don't want to damage a relationship with a regulator. Its just a consensus generating process and it gets louder and louder in regulatory, policy and legal circles if the parties can agree and of course scruitiny increases and increases.

    In context this isn't complicated. VW lost in a Diesel Gate scandal resulting in huge fines and the criminal prosecution of its executives including its CEO with some already incarcerated and a shift in strategy (haltingly) to EVs. It knows if it over states the range of its Taycan EV (beyond the WLTP bs) it will get a class action and a worse regulatory action based on its emissions scandal- its a company on probation. It Taycan has bad range and efficiency because its way behind on EV tech as reflected in its market cap. But lying to try to enhance their useless profit is what these ICE companies do its their culture- who they are, it defines them and their very limited future because they've also been lying to themselves for too long about the gig being up. So in this case they couldn't lie directly but they're in my opinion likely (given the culture and history) using lie for profit media to try to mislead but avoid the class action and regulatory consequences. Another example, this one so egregious even the US SEC caught it was BMW overstating its past 5 years of car sales. So that means they were also logically hiding actual losses and steeper losses in market share, revenue and financial stability- my sense is they are trying to cover defacto bankruptcy and pass it off as a win like someone in a Hollywood movie who just took a bullet and is in sleight denial or confusion about it and trying to pretend it didn't happen until they can slink back around a corner to sort it out. Another example- BMW is among the companies just caught massively under-stating its PHEV emissions apparently to play compliance games. This is diesel gate all over again- BMW had its own Diesel gate and we strangely didn't hear much about that maybe this will hit them like that scandal hit VW?

    So this is par for the course. They pay lie-for- profit captured 'media' outlets that exist to mislead the public about the public interest to mislead on Tesla in the current context. These lie-for-profit paid-lies-as-speech public enemies gladly take this money because their whole business model of dumbing down the pubic is on the line when Tesla is fast on its way to becoming the biggest company on the planet by market cap, revenue and profit with the record for good will and it hasn't ever given them a dime. BS companies like Edmunds and Consumer reports are showing their true colors in this panic.

    Don't believe this happens? Take a look at the NBC companies. That pos amalgamated firm is supposed to represent the left and the environment. But does it? Not at all. Just look at who actually owns NBC.

    Its largest shareholder by far is Black Rock through Black Rock's owner Black Rock Partners. Blackrock, despite recent lip service, is the biggest fossil fuel funder in the world. Its second largest owner is Van Guard. That can't be bad right? Van Guard is owned by its members right? Yes except that its largest owning member is you guessed it: Blackrock. No wonder Buffet whose wealth is more than half tied up in fossil fuels loves Vanguard. Buffet's partner Gates used to own part of NBC hence the "MS" in MSNBC- which happened after GE bought them to censor them on Nukes when Microsoft needed to spin its anti-trust case. And we know Gates is a pusher of the natural gas ponzi (never better than Enron fundamentally) through the dirtier than coal Paris accord killing hydrogen total scam. And we know the NBC companies are rabidly anti Tesla despite claiming falsely to have liberal bias and care about the environment.
    Not a coincidence that when its owner past and future are all about green energy its a damn useless green washer.

    NBC is no better than the prostitute fake progressive shills it trys to promote. Oil Change got them all to loudly sign a: take no fossil fuel $$ pledge. Why was that necessary if they were actually progressives in the first place? Someone must have noticed their actual record and intentions no?
    Why did the pledge they signed have a $100 fossil fuel $$ exemption- just technicalities- I think not because some of their by appearance opponents on the right who fully support fossil fuels took only a crucially important signifier amount of $1. Why did they all sign it including AOC, Markey ('sponsors' of the GND) and Sanders and all the rest then all turn around and take fossil fuel money they didn't need to win even if often significant amounts? And if that was ok why did Markey give back half? Obvious answer is because they are f-ing shills just like oligarch captured consolidated shill media that exists to propagandize on behalf of its oligarchic masters. They are just pressure relief line walkers that lead the public around in a ring through the nose circle. Is it a coincidence Biden's son was caught up in the natural gas scam? No. A shill court gave us the bribery and graft are free speech ruling. What do you think all that quid pro quo bs was about during Trump? Its a rent seekers way of life, their only real something for nothing skill where waiving cash at the oppressed or intentionally impoverished is supposed to solve all their problems. If half of the law is countering the conflicts of interest in money we have a fundamental systemic failure of justice and law and we've had it since the 70s- no coincidence there, but its a cancer that has to be ended. I hope even with crap law Tesla goes after these fake media outlets that misrep its products. They should know that if they intentionally misrep for profit or ill concieved gain they will suffer dissuasive consequences. Difference of opinion and human bias is fine. Outright intentional misrepresentation for profit- even if our law temporarily allows this kind of public interest harming propaganda, it still needs consequence and precedent that will put an end to it.

    The Internet is playing a role in that truth matching. Its a fight as the poison-for-profit crowd knows its business model depends on the lie, censor and drown out for profit business model. But its also about deposing some useless oligarchs and restoring democracy so its a fight that continue until we win it.

    But the thing with Edmunds is funny. My guess is the impetus was people who were about to choose a Taycan 4S choose instead not a Panamera and not have a Macan, but a faster 0-60 than the Tacan 4S...Model Y, which by the way has as we know much greater range and half the cost and holds a lot more stuff with radically better self driving tech and which radically outsells the Taycan and won't put a target on you a mark or a poseur or someone getting played by a family controlled compliance game.
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

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    Would you prefer ideological purity over winning with consensus?

    Dick Hicks was a former manager who after four weeks of being told by the software manager that they were always at ~91-94%, yelled out:


    This moved the software to integration and test who could identify and prioritize the problems. The project moved forward.

    Omit moral judgments and concentrate on facts and data, your postings will have merit. If not, your first sentence should be, “We are all sinners and I am the worst.” Then share facts and data with no more judgments.

    Bob Wilson
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