Peer to peer charging

Discussion in 'General' started by Bianca Lontc, Jan 22, 2020.

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  1. Has anyone tried to sign up for peer-to-peer charging apps like EVmatch? How was your experience? Was thinking of signing my home charger up to the service and want to know how the experience feels like
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  3. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Use "" as this is the universal EVSE locator application.

    Bob Wilson
  4. Was planning to host with my home charger. Do you have any experience with that?
  5. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I had put it in as available in 2016 but I have a single lane, driveway. If someone came to use my EVSE, they would have blocked my driveway either blocking me in or out.

    So instead, I installed my spare EVSE behind Propst Drugs at 717 Pratt Ave., Huntsville, AL. There it has (and continues) to server as the North-East most, L2, EVSE. I and others use instead without blocking anyone in or out.

    IMHO, the best approach is to find a supporting business where you frequently shop. Work with the owner to provide an EVSE. Everyone will win.

    Bob Wilson
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  6. Interesting thoughts. Did you have any agreement with the business owner in terms of the revenues (if any)?
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  8. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    He provides the power, free, and I provide the hardware at no cost.

    Bob Wilson
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  9. Tydoc

    Tydoc New Member

    I use PlugShare both while on the road and have my own home charger listed. Have only had one person use my charger in 2 years listed. Have used 3 others while on the road. Met some really nice people this way. All seem happy to help/do anything to drive EV use
  10. FloridaSun

    FloridaSun Well-Known Member

    I won't be sharing my charger as I only get a good rate when charging at night..(4.7 cents per kwh)
    My rate during peak hours is 18 cents per kwh..
    At 4.7 cents, i would let other'a charge but not at 18 cents per kwh. There are also many free or low priced (8 cents to 11.5 cents per kwh) public Level 2 options in my town.
  11. interestedinEV

    interestedinEV Well-Known Member

    Having a peer to peer charging network to help a stranded motorist out is good community out reach. You help a stranger, a stranger helps you. What is happening is app developers are trying to monetize this by saying you can share your charger for a fee (with a cut to the app developer). Sounds nice in theory but the devil is in the details.

    Beginning with your house may not be in the right location (location location location is the mantra for any business), privacy concerns, cost concerns as alluded by @BlueKonaEV , HOA concerns etc etc.

    Anecdotal evidence is that the demand is limited as @Tydoc and others have experienced. So, I do not see this a a viable business proposition for most people with home chargers. If you can persuade a business to sponsor it as @bwilson4web has done, that is a different ball game. If you are doing it commercial, do it right i.e. either start and run it as a business or partner with a business.

    Don't believe that you can install a home charger, and as a hobby make money out of it. I am skeptical that you will recover even 1% of your home charger costs by subscribing to these apps, unless you have some special circumstances (like in highly frequented area, you have a lot of parking, can advertise in other media also etc). Most don't. And there are serious privacy concerns I would be worried about.
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  13. FloridaSun

    FloridaSun Well-Known Member

    It's a concept that makes only sense if you are in a rural area with no public chargers closeby. In my case, there is a Level 3 charger 5 mins from my house and 4 free Level 2 within 10 mins..

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