Pedestrian warning system

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by prestoOne, Mar 24, 2018.

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  1. prestoOne

    prestoOne Member

    Does this car have a warning for pedestrians that it sense are near when it is in EV mode?
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  3. bfd

    bfd Active Member

    Yes it does. A kind of off-tune mash-up.
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  4. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    Under 18 mph a nice musical tone.
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  5. zbartrout

    zbartrout New Member

    Just to be clear, there is no sensing in regards to pedestrians. The car always emits a tone when it is moving at low speeds.

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  6. iluvscuba

    iluvscuba Active Member

    Check out this video: and this one:

    It seems to indicate the Collision Mitigation system will detect pedestrian and car/motocycle (not all the time)
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  8. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Our owner’s manual states the CMBS can sense pedestrians (with the usual legalese and list of conditions and limitations). See p 439 ff.
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  9. prestoOne

    prestoOne Member

    Thanks for the replies. Went through those bits in the manual and here. There are a few parts of the manual.

    System 1 for driver - It does detect pedestrians and cars, warns driver and may also decrease car speed automatically. It can be turned off and may turn off in certain situations. It is no replacement for staying alert and aware when driving.

    System 2 for those outside of car- at low speeds 20Km/hr or less it emits some sound (noted above) to alert people outside the car. In Canada we get to turn it off.

    In regular residential areas the speed limit is 40Km/hr and 50Km/hr is not abnormal. Having some kind of external sound warning on/off option at those speeds would be nice. It doesn't do that though does it?

    When passing a cyclist or kids playing is would be good to have a low level horn/warning maybe?
  10. iluvscuba

    iluvscuba Active Member

    I understand that the Low Speed Pedestrian Warning sound can be turn off in the Canadian model. Does anyone know how to turn it on and off? Is it a switch or is it buried in the center screen menu somewhere?
  11. AlanSqB

    AlanSqB Active Member

    No way to turn it off for compliance reasons. There may be a way to turn it off via OBD port like the LEAF but we don’t seem to have a very robust CAN-BUS hacking community going for this car yet.
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  13. prestoOne

    prestoOne Member

    Page 443 of canadian full owners manual PDF:
    There is an on/off switch on the dash below and to the left of the steering wheel.
  14. iluvscuba

    iluvscuba Active Member

    I am looking at the full owner manual but page 443 is about the CMBS.

    This is the manual number: ATRW1818OM
  15. iluvscuba

    iluvscuba Active Member

    Found it on page 393.

    It's called 'Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System' ON/OFF button

    You can see the button on this video at timestamp 3:25

    Last edited: Mar 30, 2018
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  16. Joe Freeman

    Joe Freeman New Member

    I'm dying to hack this feature - would love it to sound like s Ferrari or something instead of the weird soundtrack noise
  17. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Even better; the Jetsons cartoon flying car whrrrr.
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  18. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    The question is whether the box behind the left front grille that emits the electronic-organ chord actually generates the sound or if it's just a waterproof speaker that gets its audio signal from elsewhere in the car. If it's the former, then it would be pretty easy to create a replacement 12-volt DC-powered box that emits the sound you want people to hear. If it's the latter, the box would need a separate power cord and a circuit that detects the incoming signal coming down the original wire.

    Steven Colbert was discussing the requirement for EVs to make sounds to alert pedestrians. He showed a moving car accompanied by his voice making child-like car-motor sounds. That made me laugh and I bet pedestrians would laugh, too.
  19. tterag

    tterag Member

    Anyone know if the wiring is already in and can we just then add the button to the dash?
  20. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    I too would like a switch. There are times, for example in the school parking lot, when I'm happy to just let people stroll ahead of me until they are out of the way. The sound being emitted seems to shout, "Get out of my way" which I do not like. An on/off switch would be great. On the other hand I'm not one who likes to modify my cars...
  21. tterag

    tterag Member

    I called Toronto Honda and got a part number for the switch but am having trouble confirming wiring is already in place.

  22. dnb

    dnb Active Member

    You wanna do this huh? :)

  23. Texas22Step

    Texas22Step Well-Known Member

    There is another lively and informative older thread on this topic (about "singing cars") at

    I lived in a rural area of Central Texas for several years, where pedestrians were quite rare (we had to drive 15 miles one-way to buy a loaf of bread at a grocery store), and I would have loved a Canadian-style "off" switch there for my Clarity's "singing" to an absent audience.

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