Pandora Problems

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by ManKo, Mar 10, 2018.

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  1. ManKo

    ManKo Member

    Is anyone else having problems with the Pandora wireless connection using the Pandora app in the Honda’s infotainment system. It works for me maybe one out of three drives. And when it does work the song name & album art flash on & off for the first song played and then normalize. If I switch over to the Bluetooth streaming source it works fine (although I then lose the album art, thumbs up/down, and the ability to change stations from the cars screen). I’m using an iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 11.
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  3. Reno_bk

    Reno_bk New Member

    I rarely get Pandora to connect via Bluetooth...a little better luck when plugged in, but it's definitely a challenge. I listen to XM 95 percent of the time, mostly because I grew tired of fussing with the phone connection.

    LOVE the car, but this infotainment system is really problematic.

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  4. coutinpe

    coutinpe Active Member

    I also have a serious problem. I was using CarPlay with google Maps and Pandora but I was unhappy with the way it displays the song info (very simplified and IMHO very inferior to how it displays on the 'native' Sirius or the USB music menu, this is also true for Apple or Amazon Music, you can only see a fuzzy artwork in the background). So yesterday I decided to give a try to the 'native' Pandora app of the head unit via Bluetooth and voila! There was no annoying message on the phone asking for 'permission' to connect to Pandora and the music display was awesome (I'm also using the alternative GUI) and just like the other 'native' options so I rode happily to my first errand. But alas! My joy was premature. When I turned my car on it played like 20 seconds of the song I left in, then suddenly the song info disappeared and a few seconds later the audio stopped playing altogether. Worse, when I tried to connect the phone to use CarPlay, it wouldn't recognize it. Neither via Bluetooth. I reset my phone, and restated the car, no dice, and when trying to return to the source menu to change my options it only beeped. Then I 'forgot' the devices in both the phone and the car to start anew but it didn't work either. So I finally rebooted the unit (by pressing the audio button) and luckily Carplay worked. But when I tried the car own Pandora app (now plugged in), it played for a few seconds and then it crashed again and Carplay again unusable. What can I be doing wrong? Should I just forget about Pandora? Is this a known issue or just my bad luck? Thanks.
  5. coutinpe

    coutinpe Active Member

    Me too, and also blocked Carplay. I had to reboot the unit to make it work again. Is this a known issue? Anyone talked to Honda?

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