Panasonic hiring 716 for Solar City.

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jun 24, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    Compare this to the narrative that shill media is trying to put out that Solar is some how in trouble. Solar is down to 1.5 cents a kwh in the states. Even with massive subsidies petrol can't get below 13 cents at retail. Some might claim the cost with insane subsides in place for petrol is closer to 6 cents wholesale, but it surely hasn't dropped and never will and that is still 400% of the solar peg which continues to drop. Worst of all for petrol is that green no longer needs any subsidies and is massively economically net positive to the point of insurmountable strategic advantage whereas petrol is the opposite. Hence tariffs and all sorts of cut and run defensive tactics by the US to protect useless petrol fuel energy. For at least 50 years petrol fuel energy has always been about selling out the American people, this is just the latest installment.

    The rest of the world despite attempted gun point diplomacy on the part of the US will be running on something superior to hot fusion with much lower costs and the US will have such a high cost of goods due to petrol that it will never be able to export, even with a slave populace pulling petrol's weight it will even become un-competitive on food, plus the rest of the world will exile it over its carbon stupidity. Petrol's survival task is like a pusher trying to push on people that have all kicked the habit. The scam is obsolete.
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