Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Louis Nisenbaum, Aug 24, 2018.

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  1. Found paint peeling on inside of driver’s door handle. Almost like orange peel paint. Dealer ordering a new one.
    Also, the door for the charger had been touched up with non-matching paint.
    New one ordered too. Warranty. Might want to check yours. Mine is 3 weeks old but manufactured in December upload_2018-8-24_16-55-19.jpeg upload_2018-8-24_16-55-19.jpeg

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  3. V8Power

    V8Power Active Member

    Yikes, that's not good. Gonna check.
  4. Gearhead

    Gearhead Member

    Hope I'm wrong but the paint seems unusually susceptible to minor scratching. 4000 miles and several scratches, especially on the hood. One in particular is like nothing I've seen before - a small scratch of around 1/2 in. with the paint peeled away on one side. It looks like it's showing bare metal but now that you posted this I'll make a close careful inspection of this scratch later today. I started to notice this recently and wondered if the paint is different than other Hondas (we also have a CRV) for weight saving purposes.
  5. I’ve been a Honda owner for 30 years and on Honda forums for 10 years and everyone complains about the paint. This is my first episode having a paint problem. Just think it was a one off. Rest of my handles look great.
    Fantastic car otherwise.
  6. Ken7

    Ken7 Active Member

    I’ve noticed this too, the paint is not the greatest.
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  8. amy2421

    amy2421 Active Member

    Some people have thought they had a scratch but it turned out to be dirt adhering to leftover rubber residue from the gummy stuff that Honda puts all over the car for transit from Japan.

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