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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by jwb, Mar 16, 2019.

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    Anyone notice corrosion of the metal trim around the door windows? I only have 1200 miles / 6 weeks on my car and it has these little brown dots and circles all over the trim. We don't have winter where I live so this is a bit surprising.

    Today I put the initial coat of wax on the car and noticed a lot of little blemishes in the paint. For one thing there was a LOT of that crud they use to protect the car in shipping. I guess one more thing the dealer didn't prep. That stuff is actually a bit hard to remove. I wonder what the recommended solvent is. Then there was a kind of general area of hazy paint on the roof that I was able to polish out, and one outright scratch right in the center of the roof which I have no idea how that got there.

    What's everyone's impressions of the quality of the paint on these cars? Is it actually hard for the dealers to prep, or are they just dumb? And why don't the manufacturers wax the car?
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    I’d guess the specks you describe are rail dust. Some new cars get it, some don’t. Most commonly removed via clay bar.

    Mine shows no signs of the issues you describe. Paint quality is quite good in my opinion. If you see a problem make a warranty claim.

    As for your dealer prep comments, the typical minimum wage cleanup person at the dealer doesn’t really care about any cars he/she touches. If you’re not satisfied, you can complain and the same now-disgruntled minimum wage worker will put minimum effort into your car again and you’ll still be disappointed in the final result. Or you can do it yourself.
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    Rail iron deposits. The dealer polished the brown specks away with a compound and microfibre cloth when I picked mine up on delivery day 1. Only one side of my car had it. This is common with cars transported by rail. Your paint will have these deposits too. You can use Carpro Iron X spray to dissolve it.

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    Don't worry I would never let anyone polish my car. But before you get it those $4.25/hr dudes have their hands all over it, I just wonder why they do such a bad job. And then they want you to give them straight 10s across the board on Honda's survey.
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    I think their entire rating system is flawed. No vehicle purchase or new vehicle I have ever purchased has been a 'perfect' deal. I look at it another way... I never get perfect 10's on my performance review at work, no matter how good a job I do... so therefore noone else will get a perfect from me.
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    Thanks. A clay bar didn't seem to take much off the surface of the trim but a fine polish removed the blemishes. This kind of thing defies photography, but here's my best attempt at before/after for one small part. IMG_3603.jpg IMG_3604.jpg
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