Pacifica Hybrid as work van

Discussion in 'Fiat/Chrysler' started by Kevin C, Jan 15, 2019.

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  1. Kevin C

    Kevin C New Member

    Is it practical to convert a used 2017 PacHy into a cargo van to work out of?
    I will eventually have to replace my Chevy Astro van that I use in my electrical service business. Would love to drive electric for 20+ miles at a stretch while I'm out installing home EVSE for my customers.
    How much abuse can the PacHy take?
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  3. RostHaus

    RostHaus New Member

    I don't see any issues with it. I'd used many Pacificas and the last gen caravans to haul coffee. Including the Hybrid. they have had no issues hauling anywhere between 1,000-1,500 lb of green coffee for 500+ miles.
  4. Kevin C

    Kevin C New Member

    Thanks RostHaus.
    That's a painful amount of coffee beens to load and unload!

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