Ordering Open for Ariya in Canada

Discussion in 'Ariya' started by DJP, Jan 17, 2022.

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  1. DJP

    DJP Active Member

    Just got an email from my dealer saying that they have been given a 3 day window (until Wednesday) for receiving orders. Attached is the ordering guide. No pricing yet. Fall delivery.

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  3. We put our name on the list and paid a $500 deposit at the local dealer back a few months ago. On Friday we got a call to go verify the order which we did on Saturday. This morning we received an email confirmation of the order, no delivery date or price but also no commitment to purchase and our deposit is 100% refundable.
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  4. Denis Archambault

    Denis Archambault New Member

    Thanks for the ordering guide, this is very helpful as I am trying to figure our which to buy between Ioniq 5, Kia EV6 and the Ariya; I left a deposit on the Ioniq 5 AWD with the ultimate package; it has too much features for what I need, but there are a few things that I like in the package; I am retired so I don't drive as much as before. I really like the standard range Evolve e-4force, it has a lot of features that the Platinum + has (and in fact that the . I wish they had an Evolve+ AWD, that would be perfect for me.
    I might put an order on it and see the price difference with the Ioniq 5 ad then decide. I am still waiting for the EV6 lineup and price, which should come out within the next week or so according to the sales manager at the Kia dealer near me.
    BTW, which one did you order or are you still waiting?
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  5. DJP

    DJP Active Member

    Initially I was going to order the Venture+ simply because of it being the least costly extended range option (hope to travel across Canada with the least number of charges). On closer look at the spec's I noticed it doesn't come with heated seats and a heated steering wheel something all the Leafs I've owned (3) had these as standard features --which you would expect for a late model car being sold in Canada.

    So, I've ordered an Evolve+. I would have preferred the Venture+ cloth seats rather than leatherette.

    Hopefully the final cost allows it to get the Federal and BC rebates.

    Unlike EVatLast, I needed to put down a $1,000 deposit. Got an email from Nissan Canada today which says:

    Thank you for preordering your 2023 ARIYA. Your order has been received and processed. An order number will be provided once your vehicle is scheduled for production.

    Due to the current global supply chain disruptions and the impact of COVID-19, it may take longer than usual to fulfill your order. We appreciate your patience and apologize in advance for the inconvenience.​
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  6. Denis Archambault

    Denis Archambault New Member

    I am trying to get in touch with the closest dealer to reserve one, still waiting for a call back.
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  8. Reservations now open (Canada) with no less than 6 variants to choose.

    "Unlike our friends in the US which can only pick between the Venture and Evolve - The entry level Engage FWD version is equipped with a 63kWh battery pack that will provide up to 346km (215 miles) of estimated range.

    The EVOLVE e-4ORCE features the same battery, but comes with an AWD powertrain, reducing the range to an estimated 330km (205 miles). The press release says 328km.

    Next up is the VENTURE+ FWD, which features a larger 87kWh battery pack good enough for up to 482km (300 miles) of estimated range.

    There is also an Evolve+ FWD variant, with the same 87kWh battery pack, but a lower range of 458km (288 miles). The press release says 463km.

    Then there is the top-of-the-line Platinum+ e-4ORCE, which has a dual motor AWD powertrain with 426km (264 miles) of range.

    Finally, there is a limited edition PREMIER e-4ORCE, with the same powertrain as the Platinum, but it comes with “unique accessories.”

    Pricing information has not been released, but deliveries are expected to begin in the fall of 2022.

    First to arrive at dealerships will be the FWD models, followed in the “late fall” by the e-4ORCE AWD mdoels.

    Nissan says their new EV will only be available at “Ariya-Certified dealers.”

    If you can navigate yourself through the maze of options, you can reserve yours with a refundable $1,000 deposit at Nissan.ca.":)
  9. Looking at the reservation site this morning I see that the Platinum+ and the Premiere Ariya are no longer available to reserve. They say currently unavailable. I wonder what's going on with that....
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  10. Denis Archambault

    Denis Archambault New Member

    Within a week, they all sold out except the Engage. I reserved the Platinum; Nissan is pretty strick about the reservations; after a couple of days, I called the dealer to ask if I could change the interior color of the car, he told me that I would have to cancel et reorder; unfortunately, I could not do that because it was already sold out.
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  11. Well that certainly didn't take long did it. We ordered the Platinum as well with Northern Lights exterior and grey interior.

    Now we just need to see some pricing. My guess is they are waiting to announce pricing until after March when the feds announce the incentives going forward. I think they're going to up the maximum prices eligible for the incentives which would give Nissan room to price the long range AWDs within guidelines. If it doesn't qualify for incentives than the price well probably be beyond what I'm willing to spend.
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  13. Denis Archambault

    Denis Archambault New Member

    Same here, platinum with Northern Lights exterior (it is really nice), but black interior. After doing some research on the web, I wanted to change it to grey, but couldn't as mentioned above, so I will stick to the black/charcoal.

    I think we are safe for the federal subsidy since the Engage model will most probably be under 45k (from all the web reviews I have read), and in Québec, we should be OK even for the Platinum model because the max. is 60K, and to the extent that a package is considered an option to a model costing less than 60k, it also gets the subsidy. I guess Nissan will build the pricing structure the same way that Hyundai or Kia did; all their versions are eligible for both the fed and QC subsidy.

    For the pricing, I don't have any info other than the research I did on the US sites of both Hyundai, Kia and Nissan where all the prices are available. For the top version, Kia EV6 is 2k more expensive than the Ioniq5, and the Platinum is 2K more expensive than the EV6. The US top versions are to my knowledge exactly the same as the CDN top versions. Since the Kia EV6 top model, the GT-line pack 2 costs 62K in Canada, I would suspect that the Platinum will cost appr. 64-65K, unless Nissan is willing to cut into their profits for the Platinum; at the best it might match the EV6. Their lineup is much more exhaustive than Hyundai or Kia, and I think they will sell more long range FWD than Kia or Hyundai will sell long range RWD. Hyundai and Kia don't have the equivalent of the Evolve + FWD.

    I also put a deposit for the Ioniq5 AWD with ultimate package. At 62K, I might consider the Ariya, but at 64-65K, it is going to be the Ioniq5 without a doubt. For me both are very nice looking EV with a ton of technology. I don't think the Ariya is worth 4-5k more than the Ioniq5, but this is my take on it, very personal.
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  14. If it falls within the federal then it will fall within BC provincial guidelines as well. From the research I was doing on U.S. pricing it looked like the top end Ariya was about $7K above the ID.4 AWD (with Statement package US equivalent) and $4K above the Ioniq5 Ultimate.

    I also have a reservation in on an ID.4 which has now landed in the country and the 2023 Ioniq5 Ultimate. I cancelled my original Ioniq5 reservation because of the lack of back window wiper and the lower ground clearance. We then went and test drove a rear wheel drive I5 and really liked the ride compared to our Kona, hence the re-reservation in hopes that they put a wiper on the back.

    Just as I'm typing this I see that the European specs for 2023 I5 are up on InsideEVs and, lo and behold, a digital rear view camera is now an option. Woohoo! That gets rid of the back wiper bugaboo. They are also adding battery thermal pre-conditioning ahead of fast charging which should negate the cold gate charging.

    The Ariya is still high on the list because of the better ground clearance but it's going to be a close race between it and the I5. The ID.4 has fallen way back. I'll be changing the reservation on that one to a Chattanooga in hopes they add the HUD, All around view and a few other goodies. I suspect they won't offer all those options here though...

    At any rate, the Kona will be going for one of the above, just don't know which one yet. Decisions, decisions. :)
  15. Denis Archambault

    Denis Archambault New Member

    We are at the same place on pricing, Ariya should be appr. 5k higher than an ultimate Ioniq5. I will monitor reviews of the Ariya in the next few months, there are currently not much on it because of the delays in the production, even for Europe. I am part of the Ioniq5 Quebec and Canada groups on facebook. Unfortunately, I read that there are a lot of little bugs even after just a month or two; hopefully, this will all be resolved by the time we get it in 2003.

    I considered the id4 at the beginning, I have had VW/Audi cars for the last 25 years, so I really like their products. However, I had read so many bad reviews on the technology and how it was surprisingly not up to par and slow, so I never ordered one, although for me, it is close to the perfect size. It is not as funky looking as the Ioniq5 or Ariya, but I don’t expect that from VW; their design might be slightly boring, but it goes through time

    BTW, what is a Chattanooga?

    In any event, I am sure that I would be happy with any of these 3 cars
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  16. He was referring the VW plant in Chattanooga that will start producing the ID4 later this year.
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  17. Sorry, should have been more specific. Thanks Almost Green.

    Yes, the ID4 is lacking quite a few options in comparison to the other 2 but the price reflects that. The one big lack in ID4 that we've become used to is the strong regen. Really want the one pedal driving (and the HUD, overhead view, cooled seats, etc, etc) which both the I5 and Ariya will have.

    I am really looking forward to some decent reviews on the Ariya. Being so silent on this model is not doing Nissan any favours. As soon as someone in Japan gets a hold of one we should start hearing something.
  18. Denis Archambault

    Denis Archambault New Member

    If you want to see a cool video on the Northern light color (called Aurora green elsewhere in the world)
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  19. Nice! Thank you.
    Need to see more pictures of it outside in the daylight to bring out more of the green.
  20. Denis Archambault

    Denis Archambault New Member

    When I ordered my Ariya Platinum+, the detail sheet indicated that the seats were "leatherette seating surface". It seems to be the same seats on all model. In the US, the Platinum model has Napa leather (blueish color). Anyone knows if this is a mistake?
  21. DJP

    DJP Active Member

    Have a look at the attachment in the first post of this thread. On the 3rd page "Colours" you'll see that only the Premiere e-4orce has the Nappa Leather.
  22. Denis Archambault

    Denis Archambault New Member

    Thanks; funny how they package the models between the US and Canada; in the US, the premiere model has leatherette/suede interior, like all the other "less expensive" models, only the Platinum has Napa; here it is the contrary. They might have done that to keep the price closer to the IONIQ5 which has synthetic leather, which would be good news.
  23. NiroOwner

    NiroOwner New Member

    I know this is probably a pointless question, but does anyone have updated info on pricing/production/delivery schedules for the Canadian Ariya? The dealer says July now for test driving and possibly pricing.

    The US prices seem to have been out for awhile, so not sure why Canadian prices are so delayed, especially since the federal rebate has been revised already. Did I miss them somehow?

    I have a Polestar order with Sept delivery and a 2023 Ioniq 5 pre-order which is coming god-knows-when, so I'm a bit angsty about which one to get/wait for.


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