Ordering new i3s with $10k incentive

Discussion in 'i3' started by EugeneK, Jul 11, 2018.

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  1. EugeneK

    EugeneK New Member

    I’m looking to see if I can order an i3s before the end of July, to lock in the $10k utility company incentive, but postpone delivery until a few months later (when my X3 lease is up). One dealer said yes, he could order it now, hold the car for me when it arrives, and I’d still get the incentive pricing. Another dealer said no, the incentive is only guaranteed for 90 days after my order, which would be too soon for me to take delivery.

    Does anyone know which dealer is correct?
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  3. I'll throw the question out there, but it may be dependent on the language of the incentive. Can you say which utility company?
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  4. EugeneK

    EugeneK New Member

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  5. sipabit

    sipabit Member

    Did you end up getting the car?

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