Oppressor media's Tesla narrative is beyond stupid

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jun 6, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    Tesla could never handle production.

    1. History shows S & X dominating the top of the money is no object sector.
    2. Half the firm is Panasonic, early investors were Toyota and Mercedes Benz, subcontracted
    for both, other half of the firm in practice revolutionized Rocketry, firm gets the best
    at will from industries around the world.

    EVs could never be profitable, especially not Teslas

    1. It is an iPad plus parts you already find in an ICE machine just thousands less of them.
    2. There are no real mineral bottlenecks.
    3. Tesla will soon be (2 years) under 100kwh at pack level.

    Traditional automakers are coming after Tesla

    1. They are only getting off their rear ends because of Tesla and China
    2. They have so much sunk costs and the wrong skill sets.
    3. They will have to sell into the huge head winds of autonomy and a huge reduction in the
    need for automobiles such that volumes will collapse their business models.
    4. They have the wrong parts bin
    5. They have the wrong sales model
    6. They are petrol retail supply chain elements and are saturated by corruption
    7. Most of them are structurally bankrupt

    ICE cars are competitive

    1. Wrong!!!! ICE cars are utter trash in comparison. Pieces of sht in comparison.
    2. Teslas are the best cars on the planet by any real measure, that is why they dominate
    the cost as no object category and Tesla is the highest in customer satisfaction.

    Petrol Fuel Energy can survive the loss of transport consumer or otherwise

    This is the greatest pipe dream of them all. Petrol fuel energy past 1950 was the
    greatest scam in human history but these petrol execs are the greatest fools in human
    history if they think that loss of the transport sector will be isolated to just consumer
    cars or that it won't spread to other sectors. It will be everywhere instantly especially
    because of autonomy and because of the model Tesla is pushing. You don't need
    damn pumped hydro if you distribute batteries. Roof top solar plus batteries is a
    complete solution at every latitude and 13% of the the roof tops in the US would
    replace effortlessly and for less cost than upgraded the grid all forms of energy- retail
    residential, commercial, heating and transport. Petrol fuel energy will never be under
    13 cents a kwh but battery backed roof top solar will be cheaper than 1/1000 cent
    way cheaper than sending power of even superconducting HV wires. Paris and all that
    means we decrease carbon ever where. Developing world already has solar on
    grass huts, it is the cheapest and will be so by orders of magnitude. Just like the
    developing world didn't want to be locked out of cheap energy much cheaper green
    energy will be an irresistible empowering mechanism and every nation will have
    access to endless green energy support from China and India. There are no arguments
    especially those based on defense or national security that could ever counter this.

    The idea that the petrol fuel energy sector takes a 30% hit on consumer transport
    possibly including some logistics but then because of global economy growth still
    manages to grow is someone smoking a crack pipe. I am glad they think this,
    suggest they will be totally bankrupt in about 7 years but there will never be bailouts
    this time the karma of what they've done in the world will have finally found them
    and they can experience some of what they inflicted. How easy would it have been
    for them to retool and help but instead all they were ever really interested in was
    enclosure based rent seeking to push economic enslavement.

    Tesla's are Dangerous

    No ICE cars are dangerous- who wants to smoke tail pipes?
    Tesla's burn- no that it less and less an issue but ICE cars blow up.
    "EVs get in more accidents (Endgadget)" this is the petrol investing auto insurance industry
    seeing it will be ended by autonomy and EV's trying to project- what is dangerous to its
    useless investments in petrol derivatives and cost socializing is projected as being
    dangerous for the public- these rip off businesses cost of capital or not should never
    ever have been allowed to invest in anything but the highest grade bonds.

    Tesla won't have Lidar
    This is one of the stupidest things- they claim Tesla isn't looking at a part of the UV
    spectrum when its looking at a broader range of the spectrum and they miss that
    Tesla's were seen testing Lidars and Lidars will be dirt cheap and its just another
    input to the base system that will still have to collate and process all the data on the
    surroundings and that data won't be fundamentally different with sensory overlap on
    solid objects it just adds another layer of resolution to an already redundant overlapping
    set of scanning data.

    Tesla doens't do luxury or real interior quality.
    BMW and Mercedes are way down lately on interior quality. Gimmicks and junk that
    breaks ins't needed. What ever they think they've learned about high center of gravity
    ICE machines doesn't really help them with the lower of gravity newer from the ground
    up machines Tesla is building and Tesla took at will their best people from them.

    I got up an close with a Model 3 recently. Love the steering wheel and its feel and thickness and solidity. Love the gimbals, didn't notice the missing cluster- it wasn't missing loved the telescoping and tilt function. Super impressed with the seats, and head rest and the materials on the seats. Loved the doors and the sound they made. It was show room model and the stereo seemed to be missing the base- guessing that was adjustment for the setting. Also in the back there was a corner where a lot of detail and metal folding came together, plastic or fake chrome- not sure came over an outcropping where there wasn't solid material underneath and you could press down on it and see it unsupported. That was the only issue. Body seems and gaps looked flawless. What Munro was complaining about with the structure of the body seemed like nonsense- he was saying they didn't properly cut corners was his mistake- he helps stupid Detroit bean counters turn cars into consumables, Tesla is building quality. Overall the vehicles exceeded what I expected, far exceeded it. Thought I noticed that I didn't like the thunk on the S doors, but that was it. What the other luxury makes provide doesn't appeal to me at all. I was in a Mercedes that would have been in the same class as the model 3 not long ago- it was crap, cheap interior etc could have been made by Detroit. Have a friend with a high end 3 series she said she wouldn't buy another because the interior materials were of such poor quality especially on the seats.

    Elon Responds to Model 3 experience

    Taking main line robots all internal first tier. Keeping tasks humans do better with humans at first, especially if safer and then automating them out later. Integrating power train and body and battery assembly in single factories. Giga factory 1 will get 5x bigger, will eventually have 12 of them at least one per continent. Will still make biggest gains of all in manufacturing.

    Tesla Semi is Impossible

    No, it will be way better than they said it would be.

    Auto Pilot is Dangerous and shouldn't be called Auto Pilot

    1. Its a moving target, go ahead whine about stuff that gets replaced with better and
    better updates for free. You're complaining about yesterdays update on tech that will save countless thousands of lives. The same exact kind of entities that are against this were against air bags, for similar reasons as it would cut into their useless profits.

    2. People (BS- it would be like consumer groups activists being against air bags) are against Autonomy (dumb) and people think Auto Pilot should be renamed- who is it that is buying these who wouldn't understand its not complete tech?

    3. Autonomy is inevitable.

    4. Some of these accidents seem contrived how long until oppressor media or what ever petrol shill entity gets caught trying to sabotage?
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