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    For home chargers, no problem around town. Between J1772 and destination chargers, again not problem around town. But for cross country travel, it takes fast DC chargers:
    • must be reliable - otherwise the whole trip is buggered
    So far, my experience:
    • 100% Tesla SuperCharger and Model 3 - the car and charger are an integrated unit.
    • 100% EVgo and BMW i3-REx - the fast DC charger just works.
    • 16-66% Electrify America and BMW i3-REx - charging worked on 2 of 3 trips, 66%. However, there were 4 changing stations and only 1 of them worked. So of 4 * 3 = 12 stations, only 2 worked, 16%.
    What Tom and Alex talked about is the importance to charging reliability. But Alex turned in his Teslas and drives a Volt, a PHEV like my BMW i3-REx. Tom used to have a BMW i3-REx but lost it in an accident and now drives pure EVs, a BMW i3 and Tesla Model 3.

    We used to say '100 Atta Boys are wiped out by one Oh ****.' That is the risk and challenge that unreliable, Fast DC chargers put on non-Tesla owners. Stick with EVgo and no problem, yet.

    Bob Wilson

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