Oil companies have no way to ever go green!

Discussion in 'Energy' started by 101101, Sep 13, 2020.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Oil companies have a constellation of impossible problems that prevent them from going green. But saw a fud article saying they were competing with Tesla by doing so.

    1. They have revenue but they are always actually complete state welfare cases that have to rely on constant unending ever increasing state support along with in private borrowing just to pay unjustifiable dividends. They can't even self insure without going bankrupt. They are so at the mercy of states such that states could snuff them out over night just by with holding dividends. Honest politicians could just with-hold and they'd go under with no way to explain it to the public or their deluded share holders. Its laughable that they have share holders. All this comes from first principles physics and fosil fuels extreme economic inefficiency of resources in vs resources out. So they are total financial weaklingd that can't actually do anything without total state control and approval. Plus the public hates them, doesn't accept that they have a right to continue exist- wants them to cease to exist, is against their profit, and wants them to pay for half a century of massive unnecessary damage as they go down the drain. So they have both liquidity and cash flow problems. They are also being divested steadily and relentlessly and have difficulty accessing debt have even recently contemplated cancelling their totally unjustifiable dividends- all that props their collapsing share prices which would trigger nationalization. But they still because of state welfare have a history of capex spending which brings us to the second point.

    2. Lets say they try to do batteries or charging stations. That puts them up against the saw problem from the movie "Saw." They don't just lose an appendage the damage they immediately incur is not survivable. The majority, something like 75% of their claimed assets (stuff they owe money on despite it being permanently economically stranded pure hostage taking derivative backed liability) will be exposed to public scrutiny for the fraud and ponzi they are (being able to claim them as assets was part of a mark to market Enron type ponzi that extended beyond Enron to the whole fossil fuel house of cards hence all the code word talk by economist about moral hazard and skin in the game.) So they would pop their sunk cost baloon. Even an unsponsored none lie based media would quickly sink them. Their who business and business model is based on telling constant unrelenting WMDs in Iraq type lies to the public.

    3. They want to use natural gas which is tied to their unnecessary toll road and rent seeking while trying to inflate the cost of disconnecting from the grid.

    Which would mean not being able to address climate change and further massively ripping off the public and they want to achieve this by slandering and libeling science and using bribery for more foot dragging. A better approach is to nationalize the grid and not only give useless parasite for-profit so called energy companies like PG&E nothing for it but make them disgorge decades of their undermining profit to upgrade it! You see the public like in CA gave PG&E 40 billion in profit over the last 10 years to and more like an adjusted 80 billion since 911 and got no upgrade for it. So its time to make PG&E give back what it stole in not upgrading the grid despite massive gouging. Government spending is a much better deflation hedge than giving to these parasites.

    So you see ponzi rent seeking which requires ever increasing prices can't ever even attempt to buy into green which is trending toward free while being a complete, perfect almost instant snap in replacement that adds huge stability without immediately popping its own ponzi hot air balloon and bubble. The solution is to go green and to end exemptions and subsisides for fossil fuels while beginning to sanction and criminalize fossil fuels while labeling everything with a carbon bill of materials and carbon foot print including all stocks, products and insurance and ending derivatives. That is what justice and equity demand!

    Also need to find a way to jail politicians who sign no fossil fuel pledges but still take fossil fuel money and bribes. Need a carbon foot print label on these sell out politicians including estimates of their laundered fossil fuels shares that were used to bribe them and slide them further onto the hooks in their arses.
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  3. BellinSky

    BellinSky New Member

    Many countries are now imposing taxes on carbon emissions. But this is not enough. It is necessary to fight this phenomenon more decisively. Humanity must already step into a world without dirty air.
  4. gooki

    gooki Well-Known Member

    The only solution they have is to be silent investors in disruptive companies.

    But they'd rather keep paying out dividends until there's nothing left.
  5. Lee Vining

    Lee Vining New Member

    I filled my diesel truck with sustainable renewable fuel that was made of lumber mill waste, and surplus farm silage.
    Sold at COSTCO and Phillips 76 stations here in So Cal. Runs good.

    Last Smog test showed ultra low emissions.

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