Oil Change Alert? Seriously?

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by jayc1358, May 30, 2019.

  1. jayc1358

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    C'mon Kia! Get it together. We need to compile all of the problems with the current software in one place so that we can all submit these bug reports to Kia with pictures. Please post pictures of the messages we get so that we can all submit them to Kia.

    After having reached 1000 miles I was alerted to a message stating that I am due for an oil change and would I like to make an appointment. Seriously? This is a huge oversight and this software is not ready to be in production EV's. And an oil change after 1000 miles?
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  2. wizziwig

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    Agreed. As a software developer, I found the amount of bugs surprising for a production vehicle. Even more so when you consider it's been out since last Summer in Korea. Looks like a rushed attempt to turn an ICE vehicle into an EV at minimal development cost. Being a first-year car doesn't help. Hyundai already pushed out some software updates for their version many months ago but still nothing for this model.

    Due to all the launch delays this will be a very short model-year. Hopefully they don't abandon it since in Korea they are already talking about the revised and slightly (5%) longer-range 2020 model due any month now over there. (along with the Soul).
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  3. Lektrons

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    Just go in for your oil change. :) Mine said I was due for a service, so maybe mine was updated. I honestly don't know why they make US-Canada vehicles different?
  4. Domenick

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    Well, that's....interesting. :)
    Has Kia advised you about it?
  5. jayc1358

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    I did reach out to Kia and was told that there are no updates to the current software. I remember watching a video from I think Alex on Autos where he stated that Kia was aware of the problem and it would be corrected on production versions of the car. Guess not! If I get any further updates I will update
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  6. jayc1358

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    I thought about doing that when I go to pick up my plates. Saying I got a notice that I need an oil change. My luck they would say no problem and charge me for one.
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  7. EyeOnEVs

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    Being a retired software engineer and what I had experienced I'm inclined to give Kia the benefit of the doubt. Just because they said "there are no updates to the current software" doesn't mean they are not aware of it and working on a solution. It just might not be ready for prime time and as such has not been scheduled for release. ... I'm not trying to put words into Kia's mouth or defend them, but regardless if they are going to provide an update to fix this or not, they need to handle these situations better. For example, if they are aware of the problem and working on it, then that's what they should be telling customers when they're asked. And if they really are not going to provide an update, well, that speaks for itself. ... Good luck!
  8. wizziwig

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    If you look in the service manual, there actually is an oil change that can be performed on this car. It's for the reduction gear oil. There is a drain plug and refill hole under the car. According to owner manual, requires inspection every 15,000 miles under normal usage and replacement every 80,000 miles under severe usage. But I doubt this is the oil change that was being referenced by the onscreen message your discovered.
  9. meercatter

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    Out of curiosity how would a software update actually work? Is it over-the-air, or do you have to somehow have to download the new firmware and install it locally?
  10. Jared Potter

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    Really? The Kona EV says 196,000km before replacing the gear reduction oil and then inspect and replace every 24,000 some od km's after that, 125,000 km if operating under the severe usage banner. It doesn't even really talk about inspecting the oil until you get to that point...
  11. wizziwig

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    The infotainment system can be upgraded via SD card but it's mostly just for navigation.

    The sort of instrument cluster bugs we've discovered so far are controlled by software that can't be user updated. You need to take it to the dealer who uses some custom android tools to update it. There are photos of the process in one of the Kona EV forums (https://www.speakev.com/threads/software-updates.133548/). Kona and Niro use the same software platform and drivetrain. Hopefully we'll eventually get the same software fixes.
  12. MartyDow

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  13. MartyDow

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    I got the same alert...
  14. RDA

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    I got the same notice. Other than that I haven't had any software issues though it is a little slow.
  15. Nato

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  16. RDA

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    There is no 1000 mile oil change. It is a software glitch. New ice cars do that a lot after the break in. Obviously this car has no oil changes
  17. RDA

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    Also the site you linked is a British site. The European and US versions are not exactly the same. Even the Canadian version is different than the US.
  18. Nato

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    What are some of the drivetrain differences? Not chrome trim and memory seats, but actual differences of substance that might explain a 12 month service interval there but not here?

    Does anybody have the service schedule from Kia they can share?

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