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    Source: Is he a Tesla stalker or just a very meticulous researcher? A judge will decide - Los Angeles Times

    Tesla says Hothi struck a Tesla security employee with his car at the company’s Fremont, Calif., assembly plant, and that he later endangered workers in a Tesla Model 3 who were testing driverless technology at highway speeds on Interstate 880 between Fremont and the Oakland side of the Bay Bridge.

    Hothi, a doctoral student at the University of Michigan and Tesla critic who lives near the Fremont plant, says Tesla is lying to smear him and shut him up.

    The case took a turn in Hothi’s favor last week, when Judge Jeffrey Brand backed a request by his lawyers that Tesla release video recordings that they say are relevant to the case. Brand ordered Tesla to turn the videos over — along with any relevant photographs and audio recordings — by July 16.


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