Official Model 3 EPA numbers are out!

Discussion in 'Model 3' started by Domenick, Nov 29, 2017.

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  2. jim

    jim Active Member

    My real world numbers are way over those. I've gone over 351 miles on 1 charge with left over range.
    I have been getting 200 miles round trips at 220 Wh/mi and today on a short 8 mile trip Off the main express ways I got 141 Wh/mile which is about 7 miles per kWh. I'm amazed as some of the longer trips have been with the air cond on and running at 80 mph to keep up on a 75 mph highway for about 70-80% of the drive. It's a very efficient model 3.
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  3. Wow! That's really great to hear. Especially at those speeds and as comfortable as you ought to be.

    I'd have to guess you must be somewhere warm, to get such great results considering the time of year it is here in the northern hemisphere.
  4. jim

    jim Active Member

    Good guess. I live in the,Chandler Phoenix area and it's been in the 70''s and low 80''s the last 3 months. Some relatives were visiting and like the car set tob68 so I did set to that and almost froze. Lol
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  5. Well, feel free to start a thread if you'd like to show us your car. Not a lot of Model 3 owners out there yet, so it's great to hear how it's coming along, update-wise. My time behind the wheel of one was super brief -- just long enough to get a idea of how awesome it really is.
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