OEM Cargo Mat with Seat Back Protection Fits Perfectly

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by MartyDow, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. MartyDow

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  2. CanuckTom

    CanuckTom Member

    Did you buy these directly from the dealer? I bought my Niro EV in Canada in June but the dealer didn't have a cargo mat available at the time.

  3. MartyDow

    MartyDow Member

    I bought them at kiastuff.com...
  4. Lektrons

    Lektrons Member

    Is that a rubber or carpet mat?
  5. MartyDow

    MartyDow Member

    It is carpeted; probably some kind of microfiber is my best guess. Different, though, from the other cargo mat, which is of the same material as the carpet floor mats...
  6. MaBeBi

    MaBeBi New Member

    Can you send me the link or order number or... I can not find it at kiastuff.com - the Niro EV section is almost empty and whats in there is not specific for the EV at all...
  7. Yamahamx91

    Yamahamx91 New Member

    Thank you for posting a picture since every website I can find this one doesn't include a stock photo.

    Its difficult to tell, but does the cargo part fold to allow access to the under cargo area? Have you had any trouble being able to access the space under the cargo floor with this liner installed?
  8. MartyDow

    MartyDow Member

    Allows access, no trouble lifting to get to stuff underneath...

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