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Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Nov 28, 2017.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Labor died 50 years ago. And the economic problem was solved 50 years ago. That meant labor died 50 years ago. It was solved the moment it was recognized. Capital took note and they've been waging war on us ever since. Because capital knows that if labor died as the other side of the coin capital died. You guys have been in denial for 50 years. You should have had high indexed guaranteed annual income cradle to grave back 50 years ago, infact capital owes you something like 1700 trillion in adjusted dollars with interest all of it due immediately for the difference and that's just for the US. For decades now we should have all been living like billionaires in perfect ecology but instead were in the worst wage slavery we've had given the tech. I mean it was more than 50 years ago that we went to the moon but today we work tripple what we did prior to language and tools. Get clear on this!

    Don't attack the robots, don't attack Tesla, what you do is you harvest these fat corporate pigs. You put all this automation in place, it belongs to you, it does not belong to the ghost of useless rent seeking capital.
    So pull your heads out of your collective a**ses and quit trying to sabotage companies like Tesla. Its not going to do you any good but don't forget you're the true elephant able to snap the thead.

    As for snuggling up to petrol- nothing, abosolutely nothing could be more missguided because there has never been a bigger scam in the history of mankind than petrol. Nothing remotely close. So that is not the way to help your people as it is the true road to serfdom has been for 7 decades.
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  3. "Labor died 50 years ago."
    Since we had unions before this, and unions after, in what respect has labor dies. Also, all labor or just the UAW, which this post seems pointed at?

    "..the economic problem was solved 50 years ago.."

    Could you be more specific? Which economic problem? Where? How was it fixed.

    "capital owes you something like 1700 trillion in adjusted dollars with interest"
    Please show your math. Or a link, at least.

    " was more than 50 years ago that we went to the moon..."
    We first landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, which is less than 50 years ago.

    While I appreciate your enthusiasm, posts like this without links or cognitive arguments don't really serve a purpose. A few people may click on the link, but very few will engage because it seems to be a wild rant of someone's opinion, but with nothing of substance to back it up. Opinions are great, but please help us see where you're coming from.
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  4. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    I get your point but its really just a perspective and it won't ring true for those that haven't been reading in similar areas. Needs either a reading list attached or a disertation. But familiarity with the relevant bits of economic history I'd hope would at least bring a smile.

    The GAI is typically a conservative pitch, when you make it high indexed and cradle to grave it becomes liberal. Big notion above is 50 years ago a couple thousand economists told the entire world it was over, hammered it into the policy minds. It means capitalism has beed dead for that long. Find the book "The End of Work." But labor has been in denial. It means its time to renegotiate the social contact. But when we do it we have to understand how terribly terribly failed the last 50 years have been. And it means we understand that business serves society it is not the point of society, its not first, its second at best.
  5. I think history shows Rifkin was terribly wrong in his predictions. Unemployment is as low or lower in the US than ever, with higher amount of automation than ever.

    Capitalism continues both here and abroad, so I'm not really following your argument at all.
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  6. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Skimming wikipedia wont refute that author. That is joke on unemployment.
    Its above 25% in real terms even with both men and women working, look at what they choose to conveniently let fall off the roles.
    Look at the phoney babysitter jobs.
    Look at how more than half the people who work full time in the US receive transfer payments and would be under the federal poverty line without them, and how transfer payments have been the fastest growing segment of the economy for 50 years. That Fed poverty line since delinking wages from inflation 50 years ago (with transfer to dead capital) has been linked to the global ppp, so that is going thirdworld. Instead of prosperty on the back of real growth (petrol for instance is parasitic fake growth) what they have offered since the real death of capitalism 50 years ago is a downward spiral back to the the plantation.
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  8. Certainly people's wages are low, but that isn't hard-linked to automation. And the real unemployment figures are higher than the official number, but that's always been the case. Also, I want my transfer payments!
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