Note on my NYS Inspection Report: Your registration 'Fuel Type' may be wrong

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by JustAnotherPoorDriver, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Just got back from getting some minor work done on my car (including an oil change, which I used to do myself, but for once a year I'll eat the cost). Had my NYS inspection done at the same time (due this month). Pleasantly surprised that it's only $10 since the car is registered as an Electric car (there's no PHEV category apparently, so the clarity doesn't need emissions).

    My inspection had the following note on it:
    "There are indications that the vehicle's 'fuel type' may be incorrect. Please review the vehicle registration and this NYS inspection for accuracy."

    I checked the one from last year that came with the car and there's no such note. Is this just because the person who did the inspection didn't understand why a "hybrid" is listed as "electric"? Should my car not be registered as "electric" (certainly the campus police, who issue charging permits at work, seem to think the registration is fine).
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    Electric Vehicle Emissions Inspection Exemption
    Vehicles powered exclusively by electricity are exempt from state motor vehicle emissions inspections. For more information, see the New York Vehicle Inspection Program (NYVIP2) website. (Reference New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Regulations Chapter III, Part 217-6)

    Looks like an emissions test is required (as makes sense for vehicle that burns gas)
    As to registration?? Should probably check the "Other" box and not "Electric".
    PHEV's are generally considered "Electric" for rebates and incentives, but not for emissions related issues (there are very specific rules/requirements for PZEV/TZEV emissions and warranties since NY is a section 177 State)
  3. I didn't do the registration--a very large Honda dealer, who sold lots of Claritys [for NY], did. Guess I'll have to loop back with them.
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    I had forgot that some states do vehicle / emissions inspections. Mine doesn't do any... and the shape of some of the cars on the road indicates we probably need vehicle inspections. :(
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  5. There is no "other" box on the registration form ( Maybe "flex", but other parts of NYS government consider PHEVs to be electric cars (, so it's not clear.

    Guess I'll reach out to the dealer who filled in the registration.
  6. Is this warning the equivalent of "you won't pass until this is fixed" or "hmm, that doesn't look quite right"?
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    The 10$ is from the car being only a year old.
    Next year it'll be the regular 47$
  8. It seems the latter. I passed.
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    All y'all are so lucky - here in MS we have Ad Valorem taxes: Instead of annual registration fees we pay a tax on the value of the vehicle (MSRP, not price paid), in addition to state "road use" taxes on hybrids and EVs. We're also required to purchase new plates every five years - so I just bought a new plate for the Clarity and, next year, will need to buy a new one. All told we're looking at a total figure in the neighborhood of $1K. We don't, however, have vehicle inspections anymore, so that's a $12 sticker saved...

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