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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by advid, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. advid

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    I figured I'd created a new thread for those of us in non-ZEV states to pool info on when/if the Kona electric will become available. I'll start by sharing my experience in Texas so far:

    I have spoken to just about every dealer in my metro area, info was limited in early days and many salesman were misinformed or outright lied to me in the interest of making a sale. With a lot of persistence, I was able to get one dealer to reach out to the district manager. His reply:
    The Kona electric will not be sold outside of ZEV states until Hyundai hits their 2.5% targets there.

    This sounds suspiciously close to Hyundai's CARB obligations, making the Kona (at least for now) a compliance car.

    A recent spin through the Kona EV configurator recently added to Hyundai's website only got me a misinformed sales pitch on a gas Kona and hybrids from yet another local dealer.

    I would love to hear what else anybody has found out, any news you guys?
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  2. caclem

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    I spoke to my dealership in a suburb of Minneapolis and he basically said they don't expect to see one until Spring of 2020 at the earliest.

    I'm only a few hundred miles from Canada, can I go up there and just buy one?!?
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  4. SkookumPete

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    You'd get the heat pump that way, which would be handy in Minnesota. :)

    But believe me, you don't want to go through the torturous process of importing a car, even if Hyundai Canada would give you the necessary certification that the car complies with U.S. regulations. The auto makers do all they can to prevent cross-border shopping.
  5. advid

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    Looks like Kona EV production was down the first two months of the year according to this article:

    This isn't a good sign for availability, hopefully the March numbers are better. I wish there was some way to determine how many are getting imported into the US
  6. electriceddy

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    Guess I,m lucky, seeing that steep drop off in production on Dec 18, (production date on mine Dec 22).
    Must have been loaded next to last at the back the boat.
    I think it's a combination of European( they seem to be waiting the longest but also have a large # of orders -Norway) orders on Kona as well supply from LG.
    Lets hope production can be somewhat increased on both sides without sacrifice to quality.

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