Non-contributing billionaire Buffet wants Musk to shut up.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by 101101, Apr 19, 2019.

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    Buffet says Musk has room to improve as CEO and needs to stop using twitter. This is like a command from Black Rock.

    Musk must be costing these people money, power and prestige- he should accelerate it.

    There is no other way to interpret this. Remember when buffet as NG investor got involved in the idiotic contract violating roll back of net metered solar in Nevada and the can't afford the GND Obama and his admin did nothing? And what about now where the US wants to sell this expensive crap (fossil fuel) that no one needs anymore by nixing Iran and Venuzuela's output. But no one needs this crap anymore its cheaper to tear down fossil fuel facilities and build green than to continue to run that wasteful crap. So Buffet and his buddy Gates invested in the stupid bridge fuel idea. They were just stupid and cannot be allowed to socialize their loses. You don't consider his real estate rent seeking or cow hide (oil) jacket business contributions do you? We've already socialized 2o trillion in TAARP and 21 trillion in unaccountable pentagon lost monies- if you follow that rabbit hole that along with the petrol bailout wars was all just petrol welfare.

    But Buffet and crew were stupid, no one has actually needed fossil fuels since about 1950- but they thought keeping the world from pursuing breeder reactors and doing stuff like 911 and 311 would keep nuclear and the alternatives (there are many) to artificial scarcity inducement down.

    But the most passive means- battery backed solar finally got out of the bag! These are the same people who want to dirty municipal water so the can scam you with plasticized water shipped in petrol packets moved with fossil fuels.

    They are terrified that Musk could suddenly let his 23 million followers in on the truth about their scams. The irony of Buffet whose wealth is non contributing unless you consider Monsanto corn syrup and addictive caffeine stimulants and processed food and insurance premiums used to pass on fossil fuel losses and direct investment in the massively subsidized tax-the-poor natural gas scam investments to be contributions. He got involved with Geico and screwing CA workers out of their work comp and using their monies to socialize fossil fuel losses. Buffet is a non constructive billionaire whose wealth is based on unearned income appropriated from people who do contribute and work, whereas he freeloads as a conservative welfare case- despite philanthropic marketing he uses his money for selfish ends that undermine the public interest and politically he's a sell our DINO.

    Musk is the opposite. But they can't give legitimacy and real contribution a forum because it makes them look like what they are. In Obama's last year he did what he should have done in his first year: raise taxes on the parasitic wealthy to help those who actually generate the wealth and should have more of the lion's share of its benefit both prospectively and retrospectively. But Trump after actually losing the popular election (yes he lost the election) to the weakest candidate in history by the 4th greatest margin in history dropped middle class taxes by a tiny bit so he could drop taxes on the non contributing wealthy by a massive amount so the next year he could raise taxes on the middle class and poor by a massive amount and then say the non contributing wealthy cannot afford health care for US citizens. Well its US citizens that can't afford the parasitic billonaires that have stolen their wealth.

    What the US needs right now is full democracy in all of its work places not just the colligiate ones to include appropriation and distribution. Also need a high indexed cradle to grave GAI for all citizens that makes work optional so everyone has the same optional work situation as those who have stolen their wealth from the 99. The rich can show they are value added. This is class warefare(?) wouldn't matter if it was, but its really just long over due justice.
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    Buffet knows he's not down with the kids, and has missed out on significant investment opportunities because of his lack of knowledge.

    He's good in investing in companies he understands. Buffet doesn't understand technology.

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