No replacement vehicle for warranty work

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by ColoradoKonaEV, Jul 26, 2021.

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  1. My 2021 Kona EV needs to stay in the shop for few days and the dealership would not provide a loaner or a rental car. I reached to Hyundai Consumer Affairs and according them:

    "Replacement transportation (rental car or dealer loaner car) is not covered under the terms of Hyundai Motor America (HMA) limited warranties."

    This is a brand new car with just 250 miles on it. I am leasing it (paying for use). I can't use it because it has defects. I will be without a car for few days or maybe even more, which is a big inconvenience. I still have to make my full monthly payment.

    Should not I be compensated in some way for the trouble?
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  3. nigels

    nigels Active Member

    And yet, Hyundai's "Kona EV Batteyr Recall" message states:

    If the battery needs to be replaced, the dealer will place an order for the battery which should arrive in seven to ten days. The dealer will contact you when the battery arrives. The battery replacement should be generally able to be done within one day. The dealer will assist you with alternative transportation if needed.

    When I took my car in for recall #200 they acted like a loaner car was a huge imposition.
  4. KonaScot

    KonaScot Member

    Corporate has put a huge burden on the dealers with that loaner/alternate transportation promise for the battery change-out. Dealers just don't have cars to make this happen. Mine tells me that it is trying to get corporate to provide them with x loaners that would be used just for battery changes, so they can accommodate people. A large volume of cars has been coming into the dealers. I get where the dealer is coming from. You'd think that Corporate might have thought about this back in, say, May, and planned accordingly?
  5. hobbit

    hobbit Well-Known Member

    A 2021 is presumably in the shop for something other than pack replacement...

  6. KonaScot

    KonaScot Member

    And not even pack replacement customers, down for an extended period, can often get a loaner ....
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