No Homelink or Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror?

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by Shark, Aug 25, 2021.

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  1. Shark

    Shark Active Member

    Apparently not, even on the premium trim (at least in the U.S). I'll live without the mirror, but a bit shocked they skipped the Homelink on a $47k car. Fumbling around for the transmitter when pulling in the driveway is no fun :) I know I can clip one on the sunshade, but the last time I did that someone swiped it.

    I have not owned a car in the last 20 years without Homelink. Every other new Kia in the U.S has Homelink except the Seltos, and the Kona Electric has it too.

    Shocked this is missing given Kia's reputation for including features missing from other cars in the same price range.
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  3. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    Same deal with ID.4. But there you can purchase a mirror upgrade from VW that has Homelink. My own theory is that excessive licensing fees from Gentex is the underlying cause for manufacturers dropping this.
  4. DamnIHateThat

    DamnIHateThat New Member

    There's another thread on here with lots of discussion about upgrading the mirror. The Canadian version has the homelink/auto dimming feature and potentially could be an easy replacement. You could try ordering one from a Canadian dealership.
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  5. Shark

    Shark Active Member

    Thank you!

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