No FM or AM reception on new Clarity

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Armandy, Feb 19, 2018.

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  1. Armandy

    Armandy New Member

    Had a 2013 Prius Plugin for 5 years which averaged 76mpg for the 5 years, winters it was in the 60s and summer in 85mpg range. I live in Northern Ontario and have a heated garage. If it wasn't for the heated garage and the $5000 incentive I probably wouldn't have purchased a Plug-In, but I have been very pleased with the car and was looking forward to purchasing a 2018 Prius Prime with 25 electric range in March, even installed a 240-volt station for it. Went to look at a 2018 Clarity at a Clarity dealer, a 6-hour drive from home. That was it had to make the switch for the roomer cab, 47-mile electric range, pleasant ride and $14000 incentive. Had it for a few weeks now and just working out the bugs in it. Drove it back at night and noticed the headlights were not on par with the Prius, also didn't care for the windshield washer fluid being pumped out alongside the blade. Being trying out various options on it and see that I have to reboot Sirius radio every time after using the remote climate control. Also noticed that I can't get any volume on Local FM or AM stations, they scan for stations and finds them but no volume comes through, tried rebooting and resetting to factory specs, still no volume, Sirius radio, and music played on Apple car play are ok. Has anyone run into this problem? Not a big deal but like to listen to local station sometimes will check with the dealer after we have had the car for awhile and see if anything pops up. Checked Garmin maps and see that they were 2017 so downloaded the newer 2018 ones today. Other than that we like the car so far, a big improvement from the smaller Prius as long as the reliability holds up, have been running on electricity for over two weeks now, no gas.
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  3. loomis2

    loomis2 Well-Known Member

    I rarely listen to the radio anymore, but I did turn it on yesterday to catch the beginning of a basketball game and the am station came in fine. I'm not a fan of the windshield washer setup, either. I haven't noticed anything bad with the headlights but others have mentioned it here. I just think it probably doesn't bother me.
  4. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    I agree on the headlights. The high beams are quite disappointing. We have deer in the area and watching out for them around dusk is a daily activity. The Prius would really light up the road and more. The Clarity barely changes when switching from low to high beams.

    Haven't tried the windshield wiper washers yet.

    My wife uses the FM radio every day. No problems with it including good volumen.
  5. Armandy

    Armandy New Member

    We have to watch out for moose crossing on the highway, came close to collisions with them many times and thanks to good lighting were able to spot them first. The Prius had much brighter lights than the Clarity so will have use extra caution especially watching the sides, used to like driving at night, now not so much.
  6. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    The AM radio sounds fuzzy on the local sports station in my town. No other car I've owned in 50 years has sounded as bad.
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  8. Pa-clarity

    Pa-clarity New Member

    Headlight are on par with other cars that I have driven with some pluses and minuses. Advantage: there is more light shining to the sides of the car allowing me to see the glowing eyes of deer on country roads. Disadvantage: little light shines above the headlight main beam limiting visibility distance when driving through a dip in the road.

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  9. Atul Thakkar

    Atul Thakkar Active Member

    If you refer back other post in this forum , you will find that lots of guys are raising the head lights to suit their needs, there is just a screw adjustment. They have also posted a photograph which shows how to do it.
  10. AlanSqB

    AlanSqB Active Member

    Many newer cars like this have a plug-in AM/FM module and it’s not always behind the dash. I wonder if yours is just disconnected. I have no idea where the module could be. Might be a good idea to schedule time with the dealer so they can take a look.

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