Nissan LEAF Nismo concept revealed

Discussion in 'LEAF' started by Domenick, Oct 3, 2017.

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  1. Nissan hinted a higher performance variant of the Nissan LEAF might be coming next year when they launched the 2018 model. Now, they've shown us an image of the LEAF Nismo concept they're bringing to the Tokyo Motor Show.

    Looks pretty snazzy. Hopefully we'll get some details when it makes its public debut.

    I'm curious, though. Would you be willing to pay a little extra for this, or is this too much like lipstick on a pig? (Not to say the new Leaf is a pig in any way. Just a figure of speech.)

    Leaf Nismo.jpg
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  3. Jeff Perez

    Jeff Perez New Member

    I think it would definitely be worth it for the right price, looks great.
  4. 30kWh_Leaf

    30kWh_Leaf New Member

    I'm not so concerned with how fast it accelerates but do want that larger 60kWh battery. In fact, I'd be happy with my current Leaf with a 60kWh battery.

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