Nissan e-NV200

Discussion in 'Nissan' started by Domenick, Oct 4, 2017.

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  1. Nissan has just announced, for Europe, the 40 kWh e-NV200. Previously, like the Leaf, it came with a 24 kWh pack. It keeps the same (unfortunate) styling.

    Interestingly, they haven't yet mentioned either the U.S. market or a future 60 kWh battery option. Although I'm personally not a fan of its looks, this would make an awesome little delivery van, especially if it could get the bigger battery which might give it around a 150-mile EPA range.

    This vehicle niche is totally open after Ford gave up on its over-priced, under-engineered Transit Connect Electric program. Anyway, check out the low load floor and the space inside this thing. I'm curious as to how many Stateside folks might express interest in this over the next year or so.

    e-NV200 rear.jpg
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  3. David Middleton

    David Middleton New Member

    There is an outfit that builds a pretty slick micro camper on this platform. Pop top, convertible furniture, stove, basin, etc. Would love an electric one. Probably want at least 80 KWH though for real traveling.
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  5. David Middleton

    David Middleton New Member

    I am. Wouldn't that be a great, quiet, no emissions rig? The proper way to go camping.
  6. That would be great.
    I believe it shares the Leaf battery, so only 60 kWh in the near future. Of course, 80, or even 100 kWh, would be a lot more convenient in this use case.

    We'll get there eventually.
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  8. Marcel_g

    Marcel_g Member

    I'd be very interested in a 60kwh version of one of these, even if they're pretty ugly looking. That upcoming SUV/station wagon teaser that Nissan put out is pretty tantalizing though.
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  9. Steven

    Steven New Member

    I would love to get my hands on one of the electric versions made by Nissan in Barcelona Spain. The e-NV 200 . There is a company in the UK that converts them to pop up campers like the one in these photos only it is even nicer. Wonder if it could be bought in the EU and shipped to the US ?
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  10. It's certainly worth making an official inquiry about, since it would be quite modified from stock. Generally, though, vehicles have to be 25 years old before they can be imported into the country.
  11. Kevin C

    Kevin C New Member


    I don't get Nissan's refusal to sell this van in the States. Surely they could subsidize it until it catches on. (I think it would catch on ) Are you hearing any rumors about a North American debut?
    At some point I'll need to replace my gas guzzling Astro van and I would love the opportunity to work out of an EV. Preferably with TMS.
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  13. I'm hoping they'll offer the 60 kWh version when it's available, but no word on that. Oddly enough, I understand that the 40 kWh version of this has some sort of TMS, unlike the LEAF from which it borrows so many components.
  14. Kevin C

    Kevin C New Member

    Thanks D.
    I'm sure you'll let us know when you hear something coming down the track. I hope it's this fall. So maybe in 3 years I could pick up something "pre-owned" before I retire
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  16. I'm impressed with its overall specs. Surely would be a good alternative to use for camping.
  17. Plugs7

    Plugs7 New Member

    Even the 24kWh "has some sort of TMS" while rapid charging (piggybacks off the cabin A/C in the right circumstances), & it's way more effective than on the 40kWh which is mildly susceptible to rapidgate

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