Niro EX EV Speaker Static?

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by SoBayLA, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. SoBayLA

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    I have a new Niro EX EV in California. I started hearing static in music playback by lightening cable connection that I haven’t noticed before. I can’t tell if it is a software issue or an actual physical issue, such as a short or loose speaker. Not the premium model car. So, just the basic sound system. Anyone else have this experience? Dreading the dealership, as they are so shady and slimy.

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  2. I have noticed using a streaming app (NPR) that sometimes it gets staticky. Not clear from the sound if the app is dropping data and timing is messed up, or something else. The couple of times this has happened, restarting the app seems to clear it up, which implies the app...but then I have rarely or never noticed this in the past, and it has happened twice since I bought my car 4 days ago...
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    I also drive an EX in California. I have not had this issue. However, I play music through SXM and not through a USB cable.
  4. Domenick

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    I would put odds on the cable being the cause. Let us know if you try another and still have the same issue.
  5. I have had mine for a week and not noticed anything like this. I would check the cable too. (I also prefer the cable over bluetooth).
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    I've had my Niro EX EV for just over three months. I've played audio through Sirius XM as well as from my Android phone via USB connection. I haven't had any static problems in either mode, but I've had to try multiple USB cables. My phone would often disconnect for no reason while driving on smooth roads. I'd pull the plug from the phone, reconnect it and it would work fine for about 30 minutes to an hour then disconnect again. Fortunately, this hasn't happened during a phone call. I'm sure the connectivity issue is with the USB cable since replacing the cable works.
  7. I have confirmed one of my Apple OEM cables makes for TONS of noise when I make phone calls. Another cable does not.
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    If you're handy with a soldering gun (which I'm not), check out the following do-it-yourself guide for diagnosing and eliminating static in car speakers:

    "How to Stop Static in a Speaker"

    But the first thing I'd do, as others have already suggested, is try a different connecting cable.
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  9. I have noticed one weird thing that CAN'T be attributed to a cable. Sometimes, listening in one streaming app I use, a story will be very staticy. This state is independent of the cable and restarting the car software does not matter. I have to quit the app in the phone (iOS 12.4.3) and restart it...but this ONLY happens in the car, never on headphones. Must be some interaction with CarPlay. Except I don't think I have noticed it on any other car and I have probably driven a half dozen or more different cars with CarPlay in the past year....

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