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Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by smdx, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. smdx

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    My Volt lease is up and braving to go in full EV mode. The Niro looks impressive and I am hunting for a good lease deal in bay are, Northern CA region. Love to hear your stories and tips for negotiating.

  2. haizmanBrain

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    Just turned in my 2nd leased Volt. If available I'd probably be on my 3rd, but I leased a 2019 EX Prem electric recently. Sale price was just over $40k. Lease cash provided by Kia was $10,100. I'm in SoCal. Here in CA there is a $2k state rebate that applies regardless if you purchase or lease, so I put $2k as a down payment - bringing the monthly payment to $375.
    The 2019's are mostly gone but you can find some good lease deals if you negotiate the price of the car as if it were a purchase. I vacillated between purchase with the 0.0% but ended up leasing because I have always believed in the strategy of leasing new cars, and purchasing used.
    I swung the extra $$ for the Premium because of the better sound system and cooled seats, but I would have been pretty happy with just the base EX model also. For that trim in my area, I could have got $9400 for lease cash with sale price of $35500. After the $2k down, payments would have been just over $300 per month.
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    How many months on your lease?
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    on Saturday, I'm going to sign a lease on a 2019 EX Premium. I buying and registering the car in MD, whose sales tax rebate (up to $3k) is in stasis pending re-filling the fund, but my state legistator told me that would be extremely likely in the next legislative session). I negotiated the sale price of the car down to $40,200 sales price, with a cap cost of $30,100 on the car (pre-tax). I'm not putting anything down, and got the dealer to cover the first monthly payment, and they will pay off of my current Optima PHEV lease of $1130. With sales tax and doc fees included, monthly payment is $440/mo for 36 months at 10k miles per year. I usually drive 9k per year, and with the 'rona going around, i'm sure i'll be driving less than that.

    So, if you can get a 2019 EX Premium for less than $40k, i'd say jump on it. Hope this helps.
  5. haizmanBrain

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    I did 36/10.
  6. VideoSteve

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    Be sure to check out LeaseHackr on the web.

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