NIO ET7 | TESLA MODEL S KILLER | Soon to be available around the world | 1000 km Range

Discussion in 'General' started by car enthusiast 55, May 22, 2021.

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  1. car enthusiast 55

    car enthusiast 55 New Member

    I just found a video on the most promising prospect of a Tesla Model S killer with 1000 km range.
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  3. ITown

    ITown Active Member

  4. Not really clear whether this is AWD, base being FWD or RWD. Some features look like copy of other vehicles.

    No interest in cars from China when they do not have track record for reliability or service.
  5. The quality seems to have improved since the early days:

    Mind you cars in N.A have improved as well:
    [​IMG] :D
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