Newbie - Just registered. Florida PHEV models?

Discussion in 'General' started by dennphill, Jun 11, 2021.

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  1. dennphill

    dennphill New Member

    Sorry if redundant - if posts or discussion exist, point me the right way! Living in Florida and (probably) not quite ready for full EV, but PHEV might well fit my travel needs for the near future and let me replace my (very good!) 2017 Subaru Outback. I have been treated like I was an idiot (or worse...and old doddering man) by salesmen at local Ford (Escape PHEV), Subaru (Crossfire PHEV) and Hyundai (Tucson PHEV) dealers when asking about vehicles and availability. Have looked at Mustang Mach-E (nice) and VW ID.4 (also nice, but VW has to fix issues with Electrify America first). I cannot find out ACTUAL plug-in models that are now available in Florida...or when PHEV model will be available. (So that's my basic first question.) I did see a very nice RAV4 Prime...but was told that I needed to 'get inline' and expect to pay at least $10K over MSRP if I wanted to buy from my local dealer. Reviews are lacking - and (I've seen them all!) on YouTube - especially WRT my location and my needs. Hyundai accepted a reservation I paid for, told me they would set me up with a visit of a PHEV Tucson (they knew my location) - then they simply later refunded my deposit with no comment. Shopping for a PHEV has not been a good experience so far. Thanks for the attention and any information. Very, VERY good info on your site re: EV and PHEV models. (Just little on what's only for CA, NJ, etc., and what's available for "the rest of us.")
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  3. dennphill

    dennphill New Member

    Who's recently bought PHEVs in Florida? Which models? Support OK from your dealer? From original post, my issue with EV (Mach-E, ID.4, etc.) is general lack of charging infrastructure in my area (NW FL - the 'Panhandle' or as we call it sometimes, the "Redneck Riviera'). I, of course, would wire for NEMA 14-50 in my garage if I got an actual EV...probably also if I got a PHEV. Last question is, has anyone with an EV in my NW FL region got comments on charging away-from-home in this area. (I think it would be quite an effort to do any longer distances (>200-250 miles) trips and get home.)
  4. marshall

    marshall Active Member

    They do sell the Ford in Florida, Daytona, but you would have to drive a long distance it buy or lease one. Then you have the issue with servicing the vehicle locally if the dealership doesn't have a trained hybrid technician. You could call a few different Ford dealers to see if they can service the vehicle.

    With the lack of DC chargers in the panhandle, a Tesla is the only BEV that makes any sense. However, even with a Tesla, I would want to live within their mobile service area.
  5. dennphill

    dennphill New Member

    Thanks for the reply, Marshal. Could NOT get that info - well any info other than on the Mach-E demo they offered to let me drive - from my Ft. Walton Beach Dealer.
  6. marshall

    marshall Active Member

    Did you call the service department and ask if they can service the PHEV?
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  8. rcarter3636

    rcarter3636 New Member

    I live in central Alabama and just bought the ID.4. I still have my Lexus for long range travel but I would have no problems traveling to the panhandle beach. ElectrifyAmerica a little over 100 miles then another one in Pensacola. Plenty of level 2 chargers along the beach as well.

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