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Discussion in 'General' started by Domenick, Jun 8, 2020.

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  1. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    We created a new sub-forum for Nikola, a company that is working to bring electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to our roads.

    I understand that hydrogen is a very controversial technology and would ask that we remain polite if it comes up in conversation.

    Though there are doubts about the company, like every new company trying to do something extremely challenging, we would like to be the home of Nikola community. All of our various communities end up supporting each other here, so please keep that in mind.

    Also, if you have an interest in the company or its products, there are lots of threads begging to be begun over there. They have several different semi trucks, an all-terrain vehicle, a wave runner, and a pickup truck in development, as well as extremely energy-dense battery cells.
    This could get very interesting.
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    The only thing that would legitimate them is dropping hydrogen and starting to be truthful in their PR. Going after Tesla for aero dynamic truck design just to get PR? When its them that try to riff of Tesla's name with 'Nikola' which rings in the public mind more like a popular cough drop than the historical man's first name. They have to prove they aren't a front for toxic natural gas or fossil fuels. They have to prove they aren't a long tail pipe scam and that they aren't giving investors false information about their actual intentions, that they aren't false advertising. To make hydrogen even remotely viable it needs to be done fully green and local to the site where lines will run from. Not impossible but then you'll need 3 gallons of water for each kg of hydrogen. Will that be gray water or waste water (that they add the expense of cleaning) or is that pressure on local tap water supplies and prices in places like Nevada? Seems they would do better in limited region like Michigan running off wind- but is it even viable at all? And very, very likely like with the diesel gate scam we will find them trying to bait and switch with NG as the supply not green and getting subsidized to do it where the NG and the amount of carbon and mercury and methane and the extra energy waste makes it dirtier than coal- when NG can't even compete right now against electric when its run straight let alone with all the energy wasted on conversion. There has to be strings and transparency attached to pull the plug on them and make an example of them when they try to pull the obvious lie off. And who has really be giving them money and investing in them? If we follow the money it is almost certainly going to be fossil fuels. Dirty money always has a plan that involves more scamming e.g. if drugs aren't working for profits then lets switch to immunization and vaccines to try to extract..

    And who funds approaching 10 years of product development into a crowded field with no products? Must be some really great IP right? Where? Extremely dense energy cells? Would be good to see that because if so why mess with hydrogen at all unless its to scam? Its good to see people take dead ends as far as they can go just in case. But this isn't Intel followed by AMD this seems more like the arrogant fossil fuel industry swimming in public subsidy money that keeps them afloat doing a mockery like Penetrode to Initech

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