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Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Tony M., Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Hello all, I'm a new owner as of 3/19/2019, Albany, New York. Nice to read others' posts and see your feedback and experiences. I traded in a Kia Soul ev and I have to say there are things I miss, like the extra space, folding mirrors, heated steering wheel, etc.
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  2. Brennan Raposo

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    Congratulations and welcome!
    The one thing I picked from your sentence there - you don’t have a heated steering wheel? That’s a standard feature on the Ultimate trim up here in the Great White North Lol
    I agree with the mirrors though. I can’t see a couple of folding mirror motors being more than a few hundred dollars. A price I’d have been more than happy to pay. I went from a full sized Santa Fe to the Kona and the truck space and rear passenger space is leaving a void in my heart. At the end of the day I just remember that the Kona isn’t costing me $500+ per month in fuel Vs. The handful of times I needed the cargo space or carried passengers.
  3. I got the Limited - the second level trim. By the way, it's as of 3/9, not 3/19. Yeah the range and the efficiency is amazing. I'm seeing miles per kwh that I never saw with the Soul ev.
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  4. EnerG

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    Welcome aboard. Just curious why you opted for the Kona instead of waiting a few months for the new 2020 Soul EV?
  5. The two main reasons are range/efficiency and impatience. Even though the new Soul is going to be more aerodynamic, it won't match the Kona's range or mpge. I do a lot of highway driving so this is pretty important to me. But it's also very unclear when the new Soul will be available. The Niro was supposed to be out in February and still no sign of it. The Kona is small but I decided I can make it work. My golf clubs fit (barely!) and I should be able to carry up to 2 passengers. I think I made the right decision, but we'll see.
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    I know it gets great e-mileage, proof right there ... Just kidding, I reset it just before and then had to stop at a light. Looks impressive, though. 1119434318.jpeg

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  7. Brennan Raposo

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    Ahh! Understood. We only have the Ultimate available in Canada.
  8. EnerG

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    I placed deposits on both the Kona and the Kia Niro EV to be sure I'd get whichever became available first. In late December the Kia dealer called to offer me a color choice. After getting the Kona in late January I asked Kia for my deposit back. Today I noticed the 2020 Soul EV is now showing up on the web site with no mention of the Niro EV even existing. I'd expect the Soul to be here in a few months but who knows with these companies. It appears the dealer was just BS'ing me to get our money.
  9. SkookumPete

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    They're saying summer for the Niro.

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