New Clarity owner, what accessories do I need

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Smitty74, Jul 27, 2018.

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  1. I have reached an agreement with my dealer, and will be purchasing my new Clarity PHEV touring this evening. Are there any floor mats, cables, or other accessories that you recommend I pick up while Im there?
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  3. Ordell98

    Ordell98 New Member

    The factory all-weather mats are actually not bad, decent lip on the sides. You may be able to get them included. I definitely wouldn't pay for them, for that $170 they ask at dealerships you'd probably prefer ordering much better Tuxmat all-weathers for $194 on Amazon.
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  4. jorgie393

    jorgie393 Active Member

    Re mats: I did get the honda allweather mats and regretted it. Tuxmats (which I now have) or, I hear, weathertech are better.

    Re what to get: I think nothing, but definitely read the thread active now called “lots of brand new info from pre delivery inspection doc...”. Notes that there are some road noise plugs the dealers are supposed to install, but many are not. Check before you leave.
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  5. Thanks guys, Definitely going to check for the road noise plugs. I cant wait to see the salespersons face when I get on the ground to check for them. :) also good to hear the factory mats are not as good as the alternatives.

    Other things Im looking at are the floor mat for the trunk, the rubber mat that goes in the storage area under the center console, and the trunk cover that keeps people from being able to see stuff in your trunk by looking through that little window.
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  6. phevophile

    phevophile New Member

    Are those for your ears? LOL;) Just kidding
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  8. Viking79

    Viking79 Well-Known Member

    The factory all weather mats are very nice except they don't have as much coverage as aftermarket mats especially around the dead pedal (salty snow water gets under the floor mat there). If you are paying for them, look for aftermarket instead. The one concession I got from my dealer was to have them include mudguards, floor mats, etc, for free. I bought early so didn't get a discount off MSRP (one of the first cars in my area back in Dec when it came out).

    More than 17,000 miles later and I love the car still. I don't really think it needs any accessories that need to be bought anyway. Except all weather mats if you live in a wet, muddy, or snowy area. Window tint, especially an infrared blocking tint might be nice. Avoid any extra UV protection on the front as the front and front side windows are laminated and already block about 100% of the UV. The rear windows might still be single pane (blocks about 80% of the UV), but I haven't looked.

    Some people like a lumbar cushion, the factory seats don't have adjustable lumbar, but I haven't noticed much issue even driving 12 hour days. This will vary greatly by individual though. Maybe pick up a lint roller if you don't have one to clean the Suede like material.

    Relative to my minivan I have already saved 800 gallons of gas in the last 7 months. Best car I have owned, and super efficient on top of that. I wasn't expecting a gas payoff vs the van, but honestly if I save 1200 gallons of gas a year for 5 years that will be almost $15,000 less in fuel expenses than the van after accounting for electricity increase, which is way more than I expected. Not to mention 6000 gallons less gas, so there is that ;)

    Enjoy your new car!
  9. neal adkins

    neal adkins Active Member

    About 2weeks after i bought my Clarity the dealer sent a 20% off coupon for accessories. I got the honda upgraded floor mats and love them. They fit and look great and seem to be great quality. They are made specifically for the Clairty. If you want a spare tire you could ask for a deal on one that would fit.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2018
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  10. jorgie393

    jorgie393 Active Member

    I forgot about those. My recs if you are paying: the "trunk mat" only covers the 11 inches or so near the door, so is somewhat disappointing. Would not get again (waiting for aftermarket to appear). I did get the tiny rubber mat for under the center console. Re. trunk cover: the back window is tinted, so I never think of people looking in.
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  11. Odobo

    Odobo Active Member

    Just use the selfie mode on your phone .... :D
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  13. rickyrsx

    rickyrsx Active Member

    I got the Honda car mats as well. Out of the four mats that come with it, the only one I don't like is the front driver side mat. The front lip is low and I can imagine snow and slush overflowing over that little lip and onto the carpet. I guess it's not a big deal if you're in a warm weather climate but up here in Canada, snow is gonna come!! I looked at the Tuxmat one and they look pretty impressive. Probably going buy those instead.
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  14. amy2421

    amy2421 Active Member

    What do you think of it? I'm considering it but it's almost $50 here. Is it worth it?
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  15. jorgie393

    jorgie393 Active Member

    Center console mat: $18 US from college hills Honda. $23.19 from amazon prime. When I got it my first impression was that it was identical to what it was covering but maybe a bit less slippery and at least removable. For the price I didn't think much about it.
  16. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    I found it for $18 on line and tried it. It fits well but is not all that non-slip. When I get around to it I will cut a piece of real non-sip material to fit there. It better than nothing but not worth $50.
  17. Steven B

    Steven B Active Member

    Wait, they actually sell a trunk window curtain now? I had cut a piece of black landscaping plastic to fit but didn't have a Honda logo to put on it.
  18. Should be able to get the OEM all-weather mat at Invoice Price when buying with the car, I never have problem to ask dealers to add accessories at invoice price. They don't lose money on the accessories and they're happy in selling you the car already. The ongoing price on ebay $135, so the invoice price should be less than that.
    Tuxmat or WeatherTech will be close to $200
  19. I got a cheap $20 universal cargo mat (larger than the trunk area) from It's easy to trim to fit exactly to the sides of the trunk. The only issue is it does have rubber smell so I left it in the garage for a week or so. Sam's Club has its own member's mark cargo mat about the same price.

    I might just go with those cheap kitchen drawer liner like the one from Ikea.
  20. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I wasn't aware of this trunk cover, do you have a photo or reference? Actually, it's pretty difficult to determine what's in the trunk when looking through that smoky window.
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  21. I’m not sure if they sell it. I know I did see it and n one of the 20+ Clarity review videos I watched on YouTube. :)

    Side note, I picked up my Clarity tonight. I’m happy as nervous at the same time.
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  22. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Congratulations! We'll hold off on quizzing you about battery-voltage curves for a few days--time enough for you to get up to speed.
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  23. Nothing like buying a new EV with 3 miles of Electrical range available. It’s down on the charger now. Hopefully my weak 120v wall outlet will have it charged by thanksgiving. :p
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