New battery cell testing plant goes live to focus on Xtreme Fast Charging

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by EVsRUS, Jul 22, 2018.

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  1. EVsRUS

    EVsRUS New Member

    I'm new here, but reading a lot of the Tesla excitement, I thought I'd share this announcement.

    Novonix, which was spun out of Professor Jeff Dahn's lab at Dalhousie university.

    Most of you already know that Pr Jeff Dahn is Tesla's Chief Battery Scientist.

    The company just announced their battery cell pilot plant has just been commissioned to focus on development of PUREgraphite anode.

    Novonix BTS CEO ex Tesla engineer Chris Burns is heading up this extreme fast charging research with Dr Ed Buiel.

    If the company can prove their extreme fast charging is successful with this new battery plant, should make some news in this exciting industry. PUREgraphite world's best graphite anode.png PUREgraphite XFC.png

    Has anyone else here heard of Novonix, Dr Chris Burns, Pr Jeff Dahn or Dr Ed Bieul?

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