New Ayria I was thinking about getting a New Ayria

Discussion in 'Ariya' started by GPM432, Apr 4, 2023.

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  1. GPM432

    GPM432 Active Member

    I was thinking about getting a new Ayria I have a Kona now. What has everyone's experience been. I was thinking about waiting for the new 2024 Kona
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  3. DJP

    DJP Active Member

    I have no regrets getting an Ayria. I've had 3 Leafs for 8 years (1st one got written off in an accident) and my wife has had one for 5 years. Between them all we have been very happy with the very minimal maintenance required. This experience of good engineering wedded me to Nissan and I reserved one at the first chance I could (15 months ago). My main focus was on maxing battery size, but the many additional features has me very satisfied with the whole package.
  4. GPM432

    GPM432 Active Member

    Thanks for that. What model did you get Pls. Are you in the States or Canada
  5. DJP

    DJP Active Member

  6. Paul K

    Paul K Active Member

    I never would have bought a Nissan product as they don't employ any Canadians but the Leaf came out and I could afford it. My experience with the Leaf has been so positive that I wouldn't rule out an Ariya but I'm waiting for the Chevy Equinox to come out. Choices will be more available next year I'm hoping.
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  8. Sorie4e

    Sorie4e New Member

    The Nissan dealer near me in Winston Salem, NC had four Ayrias on the lot last week. We went by on Sunday and looked in the windows (when the dealership was closed). We have a paid for Leaf, so we were just curious to see them in person. A friend of mine has scheduled a test drive. Not sure if he will take the plunge.

    There were three different trims with a sticker price of $43000 to $68000. All were black or gray.

    I did wonder if I would like the dash. It seemed flat and very close to the driver.

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  9. DJP

    DJP Active Member

    I've owned a number of Leafs since 2015 and reserved an Ariya in January 2022, mainly so for the larger battery and subsequent longer range. It arrived in February 2023 and, as I was a bit tight on money, thought I would turn it down but I did take up the salesperson's offer to test drive it. That was a mistake for my wallet as I was totally taken in by the car. It is a very big step up from a Leaf. I'm now happily broke with a car that I have no regrets in buying.
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  10. ShaneWpg

    ShaneWpg New Member

    I too ordered an Ariya a year and a half ago. The all wheel drive 'e-force' was not in yet but the WONDERFUL dealer let me drive one of the front wheel ones. I'm 76 and found the concept of turning on the heat ina a seat via the screen... first inding the correct screen then indicating what seat etc etc. COMPLETELY SILLY. In my 2020 Leaf with the 62 kwh battery all I have to do is push a switch up or down for heat,. the little roller fo the display functions was SILLY again... why would they change a perfectly operating system in the leaf??
    So I went home, realizing that the statement i'd used to my partner so many times.." It'll have to blow me away if I'm going to upgrade" was so true. Then I again computed the different range of the top battery e-force Ariya and my Leaf and decided to let that wonderful car go to someone who operates screens and appreciates the technology of "haptive switches"... which i did NOT appreciate.
    HOWEVER I'm sure that someone will be VERY HAPPY I gave up my Ariya. BUT I LOVE my Leaf and truly wonder why its technology ( only slightly less than the Ariya is not advertised more by Nissan. the ariya only self-parks (like I cant park!!!??) and will pass on the highway.. a decision I would prefer to make myself.

    Good luck with yours and the lucky person who will get mine
  11. Happy driver

    Happy driver New Member

    I have had a Ariya e4orce for two weeks. this is my fourth ev and it is by far the best. my only complaint is my right foot sometimes gets hits the foot rest. the ride is Wonderfull the controls are just right and the manual is terrible . It has print so small that it is hardly legible and it is over 600 pages. It has the usual japenglish that calls the dashboard the meter another unusual references. Aside from this it is by far the finest car I have ever owned and I have had three Porsches and a Honda s2000. I got mine by shopping on line with 8 dealers and finally found one that sold it for mfg. $64k. Get one as fast as you can.
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  13. Persistence pays, congratulations on becoming the "Happy driver" :)

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