New Android Auto - anyone have it yet?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by EnerG, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. EnerG

    EnerG Active Member

    I received an Android Auto update on September 6th and still no sign of the new Android features. This is the second update I've received since the new version was announced. It seems a bit odd that there would be updates to a version that will be made obsolete. I am aware of having to turn this new feature on in the AA settings but there is no sign of it.

    I'm on 4.6.593333. I am in Canada on Android Marshmallow with a rooted device. I've done a bit of Googling on this but no joy. I am left wondering if region, version or root status has anything to do with the new feature availability.

    If any of you have the new version running could you please share what region, Android version and app version you have.
  2. davidtm

    davidtm Active Member

    USA, Pixel recently updated to Android 10:

    Android Auto
    version 4.5.592854-release

    I already flipped the switch in the app Settings to "preview the new" (something), and it's no longer there. I don't have a vehicle with internal Android Auto, so I can't say how it is.

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  3. EnerG

    EnerG Active Member

    Wow that is odd how your version could be lower and you had the option for the preview. This leads me to think this is a region locked preview.

    Any Canadians with the preview available ?
  4. EnerG

    EnerG Active Member

    Any of you running AA Mirror ?
  5. Esprit1st

    Esprit1st Well-Known Member

    I have the setting "try new Android auto" and I have it in the car mirrored as well. It's great and I like it a lot. Especially that it now auto resumes the audio. See setting lower in the list.[​IMG]

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  6. BlueKonaEV

    BlueKonaEV Well-Known Member

    I got that version too on my Note 9.. Checked play store and that's the latest version available.
  7. EnerG

    EnerG Active Member

    Still odd the Canadian version is newer. Screenshot_20190907-121741.jpg

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  8. I had the option available and I have the Canadian version. Been using it without issue.

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  9. Esprit1st

    Esprit1st Well-Known Member

    I have 4.5.592854 working mostly great. I get occasional USB disconnects, which is sometimes annoying. But I got those before too. Not sure what exactly is causing those.
  10. EnerG

    EnerG Active Member

    I am stumped. I just loaded it on my wives Galaxy S9+, and she shows the older version with the "try the new Android Auto" if only I had a USB-c cable with me.

    So it is either the root status or that I am stuck on Android Marshmallow.

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  11. You know you have to go into the app and manually flip the switch to turn it on, right?

    I was wondering where it was too, after the update. Once I learned about the switch I went into the app, flipped it, works fine.
  12. EnerG

    EnerG Active Member

    Yes thanks. We have 2 phones, an S9+ and an older Android 1+ phone that is rooted and runs Android 6. The S9+ is non-rooted and is working, shows the lower version number and has the new version switch in the options.

    Still trying to determine if it's the Android version or the root status that's causing the issue.

    Anyone here still on Marshmallow have the new Android Auto feature ?
  13. Esprit1st

    Esprit1st Well-Known Member

    In the official description it says marshmallow or higher, so in theory it should work. But who knows.

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  14. victor_2019

    victor_2019 Active Member

    I just got it yesterday.
    I have an LG G6 running android 8.0 (oreo).

    but it's mostly cosmetic changes.

    the part that annoys me is still there (the limitation of how many screens you can scroll by touch, for example when scrolling through the artists in your music list, makes it very hard to choose music to play. they say to use voice but the voice search magically "fails" to find any of my music and wants to play it off their online google play music service)
  15. EnerG

    EnerG Active Member

    Thanks. No doubt AA works on Marshmallow, but as my device is rooted with Magisk it has an adverse effect on it. I have heard a few people that run newer (Magisk) rooted devices do get the "try the new Android Auto". In my case it's the compatibility of Magisk running on an older device. For instance Bluelink doesn't work on my "rooted" device. Magisk has a hide feature but it doesn't work 100% on Marshmallow. That feature would normally prevent Bluelink from detecting "root" status. Newer Android versions will work so I guess it's upgrade time. The problem: not sure I'd want to root a >1000$ device. So I would lose my AAMirror which is a fabulous app.
  16. Esprit1st

    Esprit1st Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that sucks. I rooted one of my phones a few years ago and had issues with that too. Never did it again. Instead switched to pure Android devices, v away from Samsung etc. No complaints and the fastest updates

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  17. ehatch

    ehatch Active Member

    September , 2019 article from The Verge sums up my AA experience: Google can’t fix the Android update problem . Happens to be one reason I chose the Kona EV,I don't want to depend on AA that might work after an update... For me, Nougat worked,Oreo never,not even trying Pie. Issue with functionality/privacy, Nougat forced to me do an AA update where I had to accept ALL permissions even with Waze I had previously selected a la carte. Google is pushing Android devices to use its Google Assistant for ALL the navigation,so the integration is clearly not going well. Updates are annoyingly slow,incomplete. I actually seriously considered an iPhone last week for privacy alone.
  18. Esprit1st

    Esprit1st Well-Known Member

    Yeah, because Apple is so much better with privacy. Oh wait, they had a bunch of Chinese or Indian people listen to Siri recordings too. They are not one inch better, just not talking about it.

    I'm sorry, but privacy is a lie. A lot of governments want backdoors in all encryption .... Dream on, buddy.

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  19. dthempel

    dthempel New Member

    Pretty sure I got the "new" AA version yesterday when picking up my new car. My previous car didn't have CarPlay/Auto integration, so I don't really know what the on-board screens looked like. (I connected briefly during a test drive.) Apparently nothing on the phone screen app changed, but the phone (and car?) did notify me about an update as I was going through the acquisition checklist with the salesperson. This is a Kona with a OnePlus phone (if it matters to anyone).
  20. Esprit1st

    Esprit1st Well-Known Member

    The app itself doesn't have any visual changes. It's just the display in the car that got the update.

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