Net Power trying to foist clean natural gas scam

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jul 9, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    1. Net power tries to claim its delayed CO2 release process is competitive with current Natural Gas. The huge problem here is that fully subsidized NG at its lowest rates is now what 4x higher at almost any latitude that the price for kwh for unsubsidized battery backed solar. Also the solar is still rapidly dropping until it will be an order of magnitude cheaper. No new NG should be allowed anywhere in the world. Germany is shuttering already built state of the art natural gas plants because even in the snowy hinterland they because cannot compete. The contract behind NG need to be voided, call it an act of God and justice.

    2. The net power plan is another long tail pipe slight of hand scam like hydrogen. They think they can NIMBY around stuff to create red-light dumping zones with regard to regulation. Think they can provide some third world country that will allow them create the equivalent of the ocean plastic gyres. Net power merely delays CO2 release in the it must be sequestered just like with the clean coal oxymorons. That cost must be added into the already noncompetitive fully subsidized NG cost. Again, NG is not even remotely competitive when massively subsidized against non subsidized solar with battery. Plus it must stay sequestered. They can't even keep the methane from leaking so trying to mimick the geologic cycle by pumping it into bassalt sounds like a massively bad idea.

    3. The grandiosity of the sequestration ploy talks about being able to burn all the fossile fuel on earth and sequester it. They miss the point, the point is not to enable the money and power behind fossil fuels but destroy it and the slavery its been intending.
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