NCM 622 or NCM 811 in 2019 Niro

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by mf989, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. mf989

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    Originally the Niro EV was supposed to get NCM 811's, a more advanced battery chemistry from SK Innovation over the NCM 622 used in Kona. SK reportedly had delays in 2018 but were supposed to go into production of the 811's in 2019... did they make it to the 2019 vehicles? This might explain why we are seeing such good range for the pack. We already speculate the actual pack is larger than the 64kW since it has been reported DCFC charging current doesn't taper as it gets to 100%, so there is probably a buffer in the top-end of charge. I am hereby starting the conspiracy theory now that the cars today actually have 811's (hence the small number of vehicles built & sold due to supply of 811's) and its a secret to be unveiled as a larger capacity pack in next model-year vehicles.
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  2. MartyDow

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    AC charging (max 7.5 kW) does not taper/throttle, but DC fast charging does. There seems to be general agreement that the actual pack size is closer to 70 kW...
  3. TandM

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    It appears your guess on the batteries is correct.

    According to the article, the Niro does have a different (and more advanced) battery from SK Innovation than the Kona.
  4. mf989

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    That article is from 2018, and the original plan was for Niro to have the newer battery, but then there were delays.

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