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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Johngalt6146, Feb 23, 2018.

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  1. Johngalt6146

    Johngalt6146 Active Member

    I just updated my maps to 2018.0. It took less than an hour.

    I have been perplexed by several navigation quirks recently, so I just emailed the following questions to Garmin:

    1 - On my 2018 Honda Clarity using Garmin Maps Version 2018.0, the screen on page 18 of the Navigator manual (for setting home location) does not seem to exist. Somehow my home location is set in the system but is about 0.6 miles off. (I do not know how to change it without being able to get to that page 18 screen.)

    2 - When I set a distant destination, the initial mileage shown is very far in error (e.g. 50 miles off on a 300 mile route). When I hit GO, and after calculating, the system calculates the drive distance correctly, but that route is saved with the wrong initial distance shown. This happens on all destinations. Why is that? (Is that initial distance shown and saved airline miles?)
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  3. I believe most nav units display "as the crow flies" distance before you commit to the route.

    It's also possible that it's making that quick estimate when you pull up prospective destinations from where you are at the time. Remember, you're not saving routes--you're saving destinations.
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  4. Johngalt6146

    Johngalt6146 Active Member

    Thanks. The 'as the crow flies' seems like a likely explanation. Its shows 247 miles from me to Orlando, but when I get it to compute the route its about 307, which is the correct number. My old trusty Tom-Tom never did this.
  5. Johngalt6146

    Johngalt6146 Active Member

    I got a fast initial response from Garmin asking for screen shots, which I sent. I assume that the mystery will be solved soon.
  6. Johngalt6146

    Johngalt6146 Active Member

    After sending them screenshots, Garmin Product Support confirmed that it is "as the crow flies" - i.e. airline miles on the first screen. The actual road mileage does not appear until you tell the system to navigate. They even tested that theory......

    "....... the mileage will usually be different while on the screen where you select the proper address because the distance between you and the destination it shows you there is as the crow flies - meaning it doesn't take into account the different turns and roundabouts you will need to take. I've tested this out on one of our motorcycle devices that has the "off road" function on it, which allows you to turn off street navigation and just draw a straight line to the destination and it does show a similar distance between the two locations shown in your screenshots."
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  8. Ken7

    Ken7 Active Member

    Why would they even bother with an 'as the crow flies' number? It's a totally meaningless number for the driver.
  9. Johngalt6146

    Johngalt6146 Active Member

    You are correct! My suspicion is that the GPS was also designed for aircraft, and as used in their example, off road.
  10. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    It gives me a quick indication that the site I'm viewing is really the one I want, because the distance estimate is roughly correct, rather than one a thousand miles away. Then I click on it and it runs the internal algorithm to plan the exact route with the correct mileage.
  11. Because it's the destination that's saved. The system cannot anticipate and calculate a route for every saved destination as your location changes.
    It's a good quick initial estimate so you understand that you're looking at the museum that's 200 miles away instead of the one that's 2 miles away.
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  13. Johngalt6146

    Johngalt6146 Active Member

    I guess that you are all logical and correct. I think I was just used to my trusty old TOM-TOM, and this was something new. At least its not a bug. Save those for the HV readout. I WAS impressed with the speed of the Garmin response.
  14. Ken7

    Ken7 Active Member

    I still don’t see why the distance can’t be expressed in terms of actual route distance rather than as the crow flies. I’ve never had that with any other Nav. So it can be done.
  15. Johngalt6146

    Johngalt6146 Active Member

    I found another Navigation issue over the weekend: An important major (long time existing) public road in my town (containing many businesses and restaurants) does not exist in the Garmin maps. I have an email into Garmin. Meanwhile, I'm using Android Auto and Google Maps.
  16. Johngalt6146

    Johngalt6146 Active Member

    HELP: I'm trying to debug my navigation problem (no major public road detail in my town, as mentioned in my
    Garmin Car 7_18_18 Maps.jpg My Version Number Garmin Car 7_18_18.jpg as shown in my post above.) I did the map update a few months ago and the attached files show the map versions in my Clarity. Am I missing a map in my Maps? Thanks

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