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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Mark Schneider, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. Mark Schneider

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    Greetings all. Day 2. I am the second owner of a 2018 Clarity Touring with 39k miles on it. I can see that I will have my hands full devouring all of the information on this page. I have already learned a lot in a couple of hours time.

    Quick question. I have charged the last two nights on conventional 110. Both charges were for over 13 hours. Both times the total Electric Miles banked on the vehicle stated 37.1 and 38. I live in Seattle, temps this week in the mid 40's. Should I expect more?
  2. Ray B

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    I would post your questions about the Clarity in the Clarity sub-forum, which is very active with lots of helpful advice.

    The range estimate is to some extent a function of the circumstances you are in (temperatures, hills/terrain, road quality) and to a large extent on your driving pattern. So if you tend to drive highways a lot, especially at high speeds, then your range will suffer. If you drive more on side-roads at 30 - 45 mph then you will see much better range. If range is a key focus for you and you have to drive highways a lot I would recommend dropping your cruising speed to whatever is safe and tolerable. Many of us will recommend using the engine ("ICE") by clicking on the HV button during highway stints because of the EV range drop.

    Many other driving techniques that people employ when 'hyper-miling' driving gasoline cars also apply in getting maximum range on PHEV/BEVs.

    Enjoy the car - it's a great vehicle!
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  3. jdonalds

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    With your temps in the 40s you're doing well to see 37-38 miles of EV Range. Summer will bring your range over 50 so your annual average will come very close to the EPS 47 mile figure.

    I'm getting 33-34 in Northern California lately.
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  4. Lowell_Greenberg

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    How Honda calculates range is a bit of a black box to me. Personally, for a variety of reasons, I don't believe you should fully drain the battery each day- despite there being some built in reserve. The car can be problematic under certain conditions if it is forced to rely mostly on its engine. Second, the daily battery percent discharge on a PHEV, being generally much greater than a BEV- may adversely effect overall battery life. The Clarity is after all a midsize, reasonably efficient PHEV- not BEV. As such driving partly in hybrid mode to keep battery reserves at an adequate level seems prudent to me.

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  5. Ralph413ralp

    Ralph413ralp New Member

    That's normal for cooler weather. I was getting about the same in New York last winter. When I drove to Florida it took about three days till I saw 59 miles on my overnight charge. Enjoy your Clarity.
  6. TomL

    TomL Member

    My experience is exactly the same as jdonalds here in WI. Enjoy your Clarity. After more than 50 years owning cars, this is the best I've ever had.
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  7. seattleclarity

    seattleclarity New Member

    I am also in the Seattle area. With the cold weather we have had in the last few days, I'm in the mid-to-high 30s on the range estimate. My typical commute is 22 miles total from the Eastside to downtown Seattle and back, with a 50-50 ratio between I-90 and surface streets, and climate control set to 75 because I like a warm car. Because my driving pattern is very similar day-to-day, Honda's range estimator ends up being pretty accurate. Starting with a fully charged battery each morning, the dashboard "battery fill gauge" drops by about 2/3ds after one round-trip commute, which is about what I would expect for 22 miles of mixed driving in the winter. In the summer the electric range estimate for a full battery gets closer to 50 miles, and I see correspondingly less depletion on the battery fill gauge for the same commute.
  8. 4sallypat

    4sallypat Active Member

    Wait till summer when you don't use use cabin heating or defrosters - you will see the range improve.

    Also, in the meantime, use the paddle shifters, long coasting, and light accelerator use and you will be rewarded with subsequent GOM range...
  9. Rajiv Vaidyanathan

    Rajiv Vaidyanathan Active Member

    Also remember that the range estimate is based on your recent driving pattern. So, don't be surprised to see it jump to the 40s after a few trips where you accelerate slowly, use ECON mode, avoid the use of a heater, keep your fan speed down to one or two, etc.

    In my Minnesota weather (temps in the 20s-30s), I've topped out at a range of 30 (usually more like 27). If I happen to use the heater or front defroster, my actual range could go down to as low as 17.

    You'll find your actual range differs from the reported range depending on your driving conditions, but eventually it settles down and becomes reasonably accurate as long as your driving habits remain constant.

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