My Model S Ownership Experience

Discussion in 'Model S' started by Jennie, Sep 29, 2017.

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  1. Jennie

    Jennie Member

    some updates.
    Had packrats get into the car in the spring..twice. First time they destroyed a battery coolant hose ($5 part, $250 and 3 days service). A week later they got busy on the AC compressor. That ended up being $1500 and was without car for two weeks while waiting on the part. As I understand it, all newer cars use soy products in the hoses so this is nothing special to Tesla. The packrats also got in our 2012 Tundra and did some damage. In addition to using deterrent spray, key is to keep garage clean, lights on at night and all potential openings sealed. I found that the rubber gasket at garage door bottom had a gap at edges, a perfect place for small rodents to enter. I screwed mending plates on the garage door trim and extended the gasket to help decrease these openings. It's getting colder here now so fingers crossed that we don't have any problems this winter.

    Had 2 autopilot trials on my car and also tested it in the loaner cars. AP is awesome for driving in stop and go traffic (bumper to bumper) or a late night long drive. For other traffic, i just hate adaptive cruise. For most of what I drive in, I want to maintain speed until close enough to pass, not slow down. I swear I'm not tailgating; even with the following distance set at 1 the car slows down way prior to when it is reasonable to pass. There is also a bug or misinformation with posted speed limits vs what is in the Tesla database and I had it try to slow down to 30mph in a 70mph zone. I have seen this mentioned on other forums. Other issue I found with autopilot was that sometimes when I started to switch lanes it would pull me back into the original lane even when the lane was obviously clear.
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