My free 3 years are up, anyone else not paying for bluelink?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Tony M., Mar 11, 2022.

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  1. My 3 year anniversary for the purchase of my Kona was Wednesday, March 9th, and right on schedule bluelink stopped working that day. In order to get one year of connected care and remote functions (I don't have maps) I would have to pay almost $200 per year. Or I could prepay for 3 years for $500. I've decided not to purchase either service and see if I miss it. Anyone else in this position? The function I used most is preheating the cabin, but I've been working from home since COVID so it's easy enough to just pop into the garage and turn on the heater. Anyone else hit their 3-year mark? What have you done with your bluelink subscription?
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  3. Never started one (on my 21 MY) and never activated telematics.
    I was told by the Bluelink support line the 3 years would start at any time of my choosing.
    It never worked half the time on my 2018 MY, so I haven't bothered, and don't miss it at all.
    I also have not updated the Nav system, still enjoying the triple screen without any "Nixie tubes".
    Once, (not holding my breath), some major improvements take place on either system, I might consider;)
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  4. I passed the deadline...only to find on the Bluelink website that, for some reason, my trial period was actually 5 years?! So I am not faced with the decision about paying for it or not. Ha ha. Just kidding. I wouldn't pay 50 cents for such a piece of garbage.

    *Edit - my terms and conditions specifies that 2018 and 2019 have 5 year trials.
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  5. I use the bluelink app daily. When my time comes I think I will renew.

    That said I thought if you got your car serviced at a Hyundai dealer then there was no extra cost. Perhaps i dreamt that!
  6. Tim94549

    Tim94549 Active Member

    I'm in the same boat end of this year. (MY2020 Ultimate). I *do* like the NAV system, seldom use the Remote start feature ... maybe 10 times in the last 2 years to HEAT up the car in advance. Unfortunately, they package the 3 products ($30/mo) in a way that requires us to at least have the "CONNECTED CARE" part to get either of the other 2 pkgs. So looks like a minimum of $20/mo for CC & NAV .. Nice job HYUNDAI ! :mad: So I'm not sure yet what I will do -- maybe just have to get used to using Android AUTO for Navigation. Frankly, I think Bluelink should be included with the car.
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  8. But where did they come up with the price? There's no way the cost of providing these services is $30/month. And I can't see how anyone would see the VALUE of them being $30/month. If market forces set prices then my advice is for no one to pay it and Hyundai will see that the value is zero. It worked for Toyota remote-start customers. They were threatened with a charge and refused and got it reversed.
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  9. Tim94549

    Tim94549 Active Member

    "They" ?? Not sure how Hyundai determined pricing - All I know is that if you go to your Owners site & scroll down to the "Manage Subscription", it clearly prices each package at "$99/Year" after the Trial is up. So that's $300/year for all 3 packages. (So yea, more like $25/mo -- maybe if we decide to pay monthly (if that's even possible?) it's different?)
  10. Agreed
  11. greinstein

    greinstein New Member

    Anybody have any promo codes?
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  14. Whoa, wait, what … does my 2021 navigation stop working when my time is up, or can I just not download new maps?

    If it’s the latter, I’m fine with that. But if it won’t work at all my wife will probably force me to pay unless I find a way to convert her to using maps on Apple play (which I like better, but she has an (irrational?) dislike of).
  15. My maps work just fine and I have not started any subscription to Bluelink... so no worries.
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  16. Bruce M.

    Bruce M. Well-Known Member

    Maybe I'm an outlier but I've never used it and never felt a need for it. My car will be 2 years old in a week.
  17. I don't use it much. But sometimes when it is charging and I am away from the car, I want to know how far it has charged up. This could be while I am shopping or in a restaurant. Or in a hotel, while it is charging on a L2 in the parkade. Also if my wife is out somewhere and wondering when she will be coming home, I can check the status of the car, being driven, locked somewhere, or charging. And the odometer and range info are useful, too. She could do the same, but instead just texts me asking where I am or when I am coming home. I never use it to pre-heat the car, or change my charge settings. But I know some people do.
  18. eurokeitai

    eurokeitai New Member

    Well, I bought Kona specifically because it was NOT internet-connected in the 2019 model here. I have 0 trust legacy car OEMs can make their network services secure. Most public charging networks here have an app that shows how the charging is going, so I don't need bluelink for that. I do miss not being able to remotely precondition the car in winter, but would I pay for subscription for that service? nope.
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  19. Mine is a 2019, and Bluelink works fine for me. A little slow sometimes, but does the job.
  20. That's pretty much how I feel.
  21. milesian

    milesian New Member

    With my trial also expiring, I can't help but wonder if the underlying system OBD accesses can manipulate any of the systems Bluelink does. Any master hackers on this board?

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  22. KonaScot

    KonaScot Active Member

    I use it frequently for my 2020 preheating in winter, sometimes in summer for cooling. MUCH better success rate in the last 6 months in doing this, the first 18 months were horrible in failure rate. I may not renew, but I'll miss the heating/cooling before getting in the car.

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