My dealer called and now I submitted an actual order 4 Lyriq

Discussion in 'LYRIQ' started by SchoolTeacherTom, Dec 3, 2021.

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  1. SchoolTeacherTom

    SchoolTeacherTom New Member

    My dealer called me yesterday with a straightforward order form. If you wanted to get the car the quickest, you had to order a silver exterior, gray interior and twenty-inch wheels. I will post the actual color names later in case anyone cares. Change any of those options and you have to wait another 3 months according to my dealer. I wasn't sure I was even on the list since the snafu back in September.

    Anyone else put in an Lyriq?
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  3. TonyInGA

    TonyInGA Member

    What was the snafu?

    The 2 Exterior colors are, Satin Steel Metallic and Stellar Black Metallic.

    So, I'm guessing that SSM is a faster process, than having to paint it. And, personally, I prefer SSM, over SBM. Silver tends to show less dirt. And, like all light colors, it reflects the heat better.

    I haven't actually placed an order, but one of the two dealerships close to me (29 and about 50 miles away :eek:), Emailed me, and wrote, We should be getting the first Lyriqs coming in January 2022.

    For me, the Lyriq was my 2nd choice. But, with the Ariya still at least 9 months away (not to mention a $6K higher baseline price, and depending on Trim Line, limited color selection :mad: ), I'm going to check out the Lyriq. And, if I like it, I'll probably get it.

    One thing I like about the Lyriq, over the Ariya, and many other EVs, it has the ReGen Braking Paddle. Which, in my opinion, is better than 1 peddle driving.
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  4. Lyriq looks like it could be a real winner, but I am not going to jump in yet... the reservations are likely all gone anyway. And I also need AWD. Also have to see how they are priced in production. AWD and options packages will likely put them in Tesla $ territory... but then they will be quieter, be better screwed together and have far better driver ergonomics than any Tesla. we'll see...

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